Finished Dirty Bong Waters First Annual Ganja Smoke Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Dirty Bong Water, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Up for grabs
    1 copy of Tomb Raider (2013)
    2 Copies of Terraria
    1 VIP+ Sub

    all you have to do is like and comment below and on the 27th of december aka my bday I shall put your names in a randomizer and pick winners.

    -Dirty Bong Water
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  2. Echo

    Echo Silver

    All I want is the VIP+

    If I win anythng else give tew runners up
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  3. comment
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  4. Tuczeks

    Tuczeks VIP

    something say i should comment this
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  5. SilenŦ RebeŁ

    SilenŦ RebeŁ Lead Shitposter VIP

    gimme dat vip+ booty
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  6. RebleGAM3z

    RebleGAM3z Banned

    Thanks 4 giveaway
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  7. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    When you make the list and see this comment it shall read:
    Happy Birthday
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  8. LadyLag

    LadyLag Creator of lag. Admin Silver

    Thanks for the giveaway! And happy early birthday!
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  9. NoHackJustGood

    NoHackJustGood weirdo Legendary

    Entering for @Pandora? because she needs some nice things. :woot:
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  10. Lit I'm thankful
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  11. Acnologia

    Acnologia Elite

    The games are more useful to me than the VIP+. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  12. Proper

    Proper Banned VIP+ Silver

  13. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard Banned Elite

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  14. The Law

    The Law You fought the law and the law won. Elite

    I will win.
  15. Beard Core

    Beard Core The Great And Powerful Beard VIP

    Insert post here
  16. Milo

    Milo Meow Mod Elite

    Running away with that VIP + like


    (For Ninja not me I swear)
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  17. Goose

    Goose Duck, Duck, Goose Motherfucker VIP

    I'd be willing to bet money my bong water is much dirtier than yours.
  18. Hyper

    Hyper Pull the lever Kronk. Wrong lever! Mod Elite

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  19. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers Lil Tokyo Banned Elite

    if i win then give it to @Kyogre, especially the VIP+ because he gets cranky when his colors dont match.
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  20. Togo?

    Togo? Nobody Gets it Banned VIP Silver

    Why arnt you giving away a bong
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