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  1. MythMe

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    Detective helmet
    So Detective helmet is an item for detectives only. It obviously would cost 1 credit and would be a one-time purchase (like you can't buy multiple and give it to other people) It's basically just the body armor expect that it only decreases the damage of headshots. It would decrease the damage by 50% (can be changed).

    So now all those 1 tapping tryharders have to tryhard even more.

    Note: This is detectives only. just because you have to headshot a detective twice doesn't make the game unplayable. This would bring a little more challenge to the game. Also currently detectives have a a lack of items and i think this would be great for them

    So there would be a playermodel with the helmet on (still a detective, but simply a one with helmet) And it would be enabled when you buy the perk. That way there's no problems with other playermodels. (credit @MiGGo c: )

    if someone could code this it would be awesome ;) Also someone to make the detective with a helmet on would be great (y)

    As a visual representation: A helmet
    or [​IMG]

    It would basically just get added for the detective after buying the item
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  2. Zypther

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    Wayyy to op to things that don't 1 shot headshot . The m16 and others would be nerfed massively by this.

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  3. Carned

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    This is actually a pretty decent idea, however there would need to be some kind of visual representation of the helmet.

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  4. Paradox

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    Grammar? Saying something is op cause it's not a quick and easy 1 tap eh? Lol +1 and needs visual representation
  5. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    Sorry its 7 am and i was up late last night, and that being on a phone it doesn't autocorrect to the correct gaming terms but instead to normal life terms.

    I mean like the m16 mac 10 and the vihkir and other guns like them would be completely useless fron their state of uselessness
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    Sounds decent. If you get the jump on a Det with the right gun then he's going to be an easy kill even if he is wearing this helmet.

    I dont know how they would make the helmet show up on the person though. Maybe by making a seperate Detective model that wears the helmet, and then that model gets equipped automatically when the helmet is bought.
  7. Yatty ☄️

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  8. Chris

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    I like this idea, however I dont think the image you suggested would fit, so I reccomend an item more suited, such as a SWAT helmet.

    I think you may actually need to find a model or someone to make the model though.

    But I do like the idea.
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  9. Pacifist

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    Love the full metal jacket helmet. Sold +1.
  10. Chris

    Chris Custom Title VIP Bronze

    Ome thing to also note however, is that obviously we have lots of custom models, and this would look horrible on some and would probably clip into some.

    I also dont think Gmod is that great itself at a player and hat moving at the same time, so it may be quite buggy and would need a fair ammount of testing if it ever was considered, but the concept is still great in my opinion.
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  11. MythMe

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    As @MiGGo said it could be just a detective playermodel with the helmet. So when you buy it your playermodel would just swap into it so there would be no problem with other skins.

    i'd disagree that. The m16 is still a 3 shot headshot. Ak is a 2 shot headshot?... and almost all of the rest are a 2 or 3 shot headshot (with some exceptions) So it wouldn't make much of a difference else than being harder to kill with headshots
  12. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    This would make the game much harder for the traitor team in almost every way. I don't support any iteration of a helmet perk for any class in TTT.

    The AK would become a 4 shot headshot, the M16 would become a 6 shot headshot. Quite honestly that many headshots + a detectives freedom to get a health station is overpowered in my eyes in all ways.
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  13. BorkWoof

    BorkWoof VIP

    god no

    1. Body armor already reduces HS damage
    2. The helmet would further reduce HS damage, which would make the Ds harder to kill
    3. Detectives already have that spicy equipment like jackhammer and health station, this would basically make a smart enough D unkillable
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  14. Valedict

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    make it after a threshhold of damage etc. 70 or something it will stop working and u cant buy anymore

    then sure
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  15. Mr. 7-Minute Wonder

    Mr. 7-Minute Wonder Regular Member

    Perhaps a scaled dmg reduction:hp ratio? at 100hp it reduces by 25%?, and at lower hitpoints it reduces greater.
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  16. MythMe

    MythMe VIP

    The body armor would be changed not to alter with decrease in hs.

    I'd agree that the jackhammer should be completely replaced. And traitors have like 2 times more equipment. Knife and others would still be effective against the detectives. Traitors also have a death sation heal.

    4 isn't that much considering you have 30 ammo. You can still kill 7 detectives with that. And not all your shots will be headshots. A helmet + health station is nothing compared to a 1 harpoon or a gauss rifle hitting you. In my eyes Traitors are more overpowered currently. Ye of course detectives have jackhammer but that's just more reasons to use knife or something else
  17. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    70 is still way too much.
    Of course traitors are more overpowered. They are supposed to be. There are less of them than there are innocent roles, so they need to be stronger to make up for it.
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  18. Guardia

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    There'd still be a million ways to one-hit-kill a Detective. Dunno if this comes as a surprise to people but it's possible to kill people without shooting them in the head.
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  20. I think a Dunce cap would be pretty funny for the helmet. Plus I think this should be 2 credits.