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  1. Vdat1™

    Vdat1™ VIP

    This is a thread where YOU can describe other people or the community of SGM.
    And please be honest, we don't wanna hear you insult/taunt someone, and I'll say it again, please be honest.

    (I'll give an example)
    For today I am describing Jabba, for me Jabba is a nice person and also a VERY good lead admin and the only downside of Jabba is that he can be really busy sometimes and can't really message you or just hang out with you.

    (Alright, now lets say I wanna describe SGM)
    SGM is a pretty funny and nice community, it has a lot of users that you can talk to, there are a few events in SGM that happen in one year, for me I have participated in 3 events and that is Christmas, Halloween, and the Minecraft Hunger Games.
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  2. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    Deathrun is a server that is always very well populated and the entire community loves it so very much.
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  3. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    @Carl is a very nice person and was fun to play with, but he's since got life so it's not as fun that he's not around anymore.
    SGM is a good community, but the old days need to return
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  4. Wojack

    Wojack Her king :3 VIP

    stockholm syndrome
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  5. eks dee

    eks dee SGM editor in chief VIP Bronze

    Here is a graph of sgm staff strictness
    As you can see staff strictness is on the rise. This is because a number of things but if i were to say when it started rising would be at the most recent Staff strictness low point. The most recent lowest point of staff strictness is when jabba gave the game night organiser role the power to bring down the discord server. Like no exaggeration, they could let banned people into game night and they could create secret channels. Also if they teamed up with a lounge master they could theoretically get themself banned, get the lounge master to give them the lounge master role(they can do that) and then since Banned is the highest role on the role list, they could give themself owner or lead. staff strictness has been on the rise as you can see with indy's ban, grumbles ban, etcetera etcetera
    Jabba is a cool person that's fun to talk to, Has gotten a bit too much wrapped up in a position of power and when he resigns, will probably end up like most ex-leads(WINK wink nudge nudge) just chiming in every now and then to make a petty forum report or claim the current administration is doing something wrong.
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  6. Adminツ

    Adminツ VIP

    Kool Staff in my signature
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  7. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

    Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    @Rozboon is a fucking pathetic coward bitch, and if i ever find him i'm going to beat the fucking shit out of him, and if any one of you ever rates my posts dumb again i'll fucking get you too

    consider this your first and last fucking warning if don't wanna get your fucking face pummeled into the dirt

    - drunk dog.
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  8. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

    Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    @tz- is a rly nice guy and genuinely funny and good natured and i hope he's having a nice day today :)
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  9. Lady Cloudia

    Lady Cloudia VIP Silver

    @Elvis is polite and very understanding as a person despite making some mistakes but that doesn't really matter. I wish you the best of luck in your private life.

    SGM has come a long way and I'm happy to be apart of this community.
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  10. Robyn

    Robyn Floof Moderator VIP Silver

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  11. Coinston

    Coinston "But what if Robots" - Chris Wedge VIP

    sus like among us
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  12. Logan.

    Logan. Greatest admin alive ever VIP Silver

    I’m not going crazy I don’t know how about it I love it so I just don’t wanna do anything for you like that I’m so mad and then I’m going crazy and I’m not going to be mad because I’m going crazy and I’m tired and I’m sorry I love I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad night and my life and my heart I just feel bad I’m not gonna do anything wrong I just want you make me feel bad I’m not going crazy with me I don’t want you to
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  13. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

    this man used to be an admin
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  14. Logan.

    Logan. Greatest admin alive ever VIP Silver

    Who said I ever stopped
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  15. ori with a gun

    ori with a gun just vibin VIP

    every staff member is stinky but i love them all
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  16. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    Who the fuck warned this for harassment? Its directed at me as a joke, so remove that shit you mother fuckers.

    Also drunk dog, you ain't even in Vancouver anymore, you ran away pussy!
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    MEHEEZY Supporter

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  18. Grumble

    Grumble VIP

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  19. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

    Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    lolol, nah im still here wna hangout stinky maybe go buy sum deoderant stinky haahaa
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  20. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    Hahaha no you stinky @Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub easiest description is hot weather and no deoderant.

    *EDIT Just realized the warning was removed, next time you want to warn for someone "harassing" someone else, talk to that other person first.
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