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    Does your demos have a broken voice chat? If so I have a fix for you!

    You can see the script in action in this video here :!ZgU2FYqD!OH_4Dda1XGqKN3KYiWcIykVSYba8kjEmvhdlVK22OGk - Script Download - Raw Script

    You'll want to put the script in your garrysmod/lua folder and while you have the demo up type in lua_openscript_cl demovoicefix.lua in console, after that your demo should now display voices correctly.

    (Sometimes the script won't work so just reload the demo and try running the script again till it works.)

    Found this a while ago, Original location can be found here :
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    Hey, thats pretty good!
  3. Chai

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    State the credits in the thread please.

    From what I know, it doesn't work correctly with display size that isn't 1080p.
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    Nice work
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    So if you use this, does that mean that you can use demos as evidence for mic spam?
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    I'm gonna hijack this thread since I've made changes to this script.

    Step 1) Download demovoicefix.lua (raw text:
    step 2) Navigate to your garry's mod directory
    1) Right click Garry's Mod in steam and click properties
    2) Click Local Files in the menu that pops up
    3) Click browse local files
    Step 3) go to garrysmod/lua
    Step 4) put demovoicefix.lua in there
    Step 5) In Garry's Mod open your console and type
    sv_allowcslua 1
    Step 6) Load the demo. (This can be done before step 5 but is easier if done after allowing cs lua)
    Step 7) Open your console and type
    lua_openscript_cl demovoicefix.lua
    Then in the future, you can absolutely make this a bind.
    You will now be able to see who is speaking - it will appear in the bottom right.
    bind <KEY> "sv_allowcslua 1;lua_openscript_cl demovoicefix.lua"
    This script moves the voice boxes from the top left (where demos get plagued with script errors) to the bottom right.

    All updates will be made through that same google drive file I linked above.
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  8. I went and improved this thing even further by tweaking it so that it's a faithful recreation of what one would see while actually playing on a TTT server. So obviously, I ditched the default background color changing behavior derived by volume and kept it a solid color. Then I switched it so that all the rectangles appear in the top left instead of the default bottom right (the way it was before newer chatters would be stacked on top but I've inverted it so they stack on the bottom like a real TTT server). I decided to hardcode the start point at 27x27 instead of whatever the hell mathematics the original creator was trying to do, which in theory should work even with potato resolutions as far as the top-left paradigm goes. Then I added an if-else to determine if a player's alive or dead and color-code them accordingly just like the servers do, and I've also painstakingly gotten the colors spot-on as well, including the 1px border.

    One bug I've noticed is that profile pictures will still show up while using a scoped weapon, and another that I think might be present but haven't been able to test against a live STTT server is that long display names won't be truncated. An omission I also want to point out is that T-chat and D-chat aren't set up, that I may try to figure out another day but the way I've got things now, it'd be one or two additional else-if logic checks.

    You can see it in action in this video of some late night C4 roulette on Richland that I put up in the highlights clips thread:
    Hopefully it'll be able to enhance your own highlights/report evidence/appeal evidence/etc even better still.

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