Define “proven” somewhere in the rule sets.

Discussion in 'Rules and Protocol' started by john redcorn, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. nikki

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    OK this is exactly why this needed to be brought up, everyone has a different idea of what's ocvnsidered proven. apologise to wink right now.........

    also @SquidgyBoat your argument is pretty flawed.
    there are no consequences for a D calling someone inno (no rules against it, he will not get slain)
    but innos are able to use that information and kill others based on deduction?
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  2. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    Would a situation like this qualify as a "shot at scenario?" for being proven?

  3. Noccam :^)

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    Not that I disagree with the entire topic @wink, I do think this should be defined and specified, but why didn’t you care this much when you were staff? Lol
  4. john redcorn

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    Current rulework wasn't finished at that point in time, and that was prior to the point of really noticing how the concept of "proven" is often misused on our servers with no standard to hold it to
  5. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    Also for the "Kos'd a traitor" some people are arguing for.. What if it's a situation like this and I kos'd a michael (lets assume a michael of some sort was a t and dead)? Would I be proven?
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  6. john redcorn

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    pacifist said I won this thread so probably just lock it and throw away the key, idk but tbh I’m just sad, the girl I met skiing and kind of high key been seeing for the past few weeks is taking off for the east coast mid may cuz she got suddenly taken off the year long wait list for law school (probably to Michigan or something cause pacifist is playing the long game) and what should be a feed good man moment just feels okay man

    it’s like I wanna fight to keep her and make her slave away for minimum wage at the ski resort she was hussling but the only thing I can offer is a house, a dog and a blood relation to some famous guy who I kind of pissed off last time i saw him

    here’s a bop to drown it all out and wash away the sins of the father btw I don’t want my rank to transfer to whatever shady underground dive bar is next in line, pretty sure jabba doesn’t want to incentivize me coming around anyway
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  7. Racerboy

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  8. waffle

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    I all of this because I forgot to define "proven" somewhere in the rule sets
  9. Noctorious

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    Yeah, my girl left me when they changed the rule to remove not calling out c4 and tripmines from being a T act
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  10. Mr. Rogers

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    Wait i deadass have still been killing people for this since i got back they changed that?

    .....Fuck it why stop now
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