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Discussion in 'Player Models' started by Cirtex, Jan 11, 2017.

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    So I made a forum talking about this a VEERRRYYY long time ago. and I did a VEEEERRRYYYY poor job of really fleshing out my idea. that would be easy to impliment and would be a nice bone to throw to the people without supporter or VIP or any of that jazz

    so my idea was the ability to select what default Terrorist Skin you spawn and if you don't know what Skins I'm talking about when i say Default. I'm talking about THESE skins


    ya those ones.

    back in CS:S you were able to select which skin you played with. it looked something like this. (I actually couldn't find the proper image. CS:S images are few and far between here.)


    so I guess you can see what I'm getting at. I think it would be nice if people could select which T skin they ran with. WITHOUT having to pay money. something for the non-supporters. personally i don't think it would be to hard to get in. just another tab in the Skin Screen, using the same code that's already there to select the other skins, and just put the default models in the new tab! i think it would be a fantastic addition
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    >TFW the community is lit but this guy is still suggesting.
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    I don't really see why we need to implement this, seeing as a perk of buying a rank is so you get a skin, so making it so you can get a different skin without paying for that perk would make its pretty useless imo.
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    see the bolded underlined italics? this is something for the people who don't want to, or can't pay for a rank. I'm the guy who likes to have my Access Card to cosmetics and My Credit Card as 2 different things. its a little bit of a something for people who DON'T heck we have Jihad sounds for non-supporters don't we at least pick which T skin they spawn with?

    ***EDIT*** and also, what would be the harm in adding it in? it's a bit of customization for the randoms that jump in. the code and models already exist in the server, they just need to be put in the right places
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    This is a suggestion I will be bringing up in our next content phase, please bare with us in that it might not be for a while due to the circumstances we are experiencing currently.
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    So far you and @Renko have mentioned some seriously bad crap that's going on in the community. I've been fairly oblivious to this until now. mind filling me in on what's going on?
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    +1, but honestly I don't care if it's added. seeing the same old model gets old, though.