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Discussion in 'Deathrun Discussion' started by wink, May 23, 2019.

  1. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

    Why maps? Removing maps would be one of the easier ways to purge content turning players away from the deathrun gamemode, whilst adding maps would freshen up our lineup in a manner that isn't a huge timesink.
    Other Suggestions
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  2. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

    I formatted the above post in hopes to get community feedback on what would bring them to playing more deathrun. Would these additions/changes help? Would they hurt? Would they have any affect on you?
  3. Prisma

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  4. Fiz

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    Can you show the map?

    (Edit I’m blind)
  5. Floof

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    Check their suggestion threads.

  6. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

    I've updated the 'remove' maps with urls to their respective workshop links. I'm also iffy on south park now, would love some more opinions on that map
  7. Silly

    Silly Fantasy VIP Silver

    Removing maps/player models is unnecessary unless there's a technical issue. There's a reason we have free choice to pick what we like. Ultrons a really cool player model and there's zero reason to remove it just because you don't like it. It's cool to have more variety. Simba is cute and funny when he bhops.

    Pls reset all times. Most are impossible because of patched exploits.
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  8. DarkShiny

    DarkShiny :blackalien: is superior VIP Silver

    Players there tend to vote for that map and stay for it aswell. It is popular and the only thing bad about it are the bugs, such as not saving the record when finishing the map, or having a gun at the start of the round. Imo music doesn't bother me at all.

    A big +1 from me regarding the reset of all records, or at least of most maps.

    Removing Zombie Survival is a +1 from me.

    Not sure about docks though. There aren't any graphic bugs for me and some players do like to play on it. However, I don't like that map so I don't really care about it.

    Basically, but there shouldn't be too many models or else there is no real overview

    Other concerns:
    Maps such as Erotic are too long and the 1st part on erotic, people tend to always fail there.

    Silver/Gold ... have more vote power like in ttt, but I don't like the idea of that, as it can easily rip off the entire dr population by choosing a shit map for everyone (e.g. erotic).

    Make more prizes for non-ranked players (more usage of points, achievements actually giving something...)

    and so on
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  9. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

    I'll take a look at erotic at some point/hear more opinions on it. Thanks for bringing that up.

    I'd love to hear more opinions on vote power as well.

    The only 'easy/not much time needed' things I can think of for further point usage is expanding our model/trail varieties. Something that might be neat but probably not accomplish-able without sinking some time into it is awarding special trails/models for certain in-game achievements.
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  10. DarkShiny

    DarkShiny :blackalien: is superior VIP Silver

    Maps which are debatable :
    (I judged at least on one of the categories : popularity, enjoyment and the map itself)
    Please keep in mind that it is my view on what I've been experiencing so far.

    Pains Facility
    - Traps are too easily avoidable if you know how to bhop and how they work
    - On the other hand for those who do not know how to, it is hard to get across the traps
    +++ It is fun to play though and really popular
    - Endings are really buggy (there are like only 2 options to choose from, as the others are broken) and destroys the enjoyment

    - Detestable design
    - Not popular (detestable) but sometimes voted for the lolz or auto selected due to server crash
    - No fun

    Deluxe Beta
    - (might be) Too long
    + Fun to play though with a populated server

    - Design is controversial

    Crash Mediavil
    - Too long for runners (time up)
    + Nice secret, music

    Mario v1
    - Popularity
    - Difficulty (at the start)

    Texture Extreme
    - Long map
    - Difficult (Frustrating)
    + Fun to play with much experience

    Zombie Survival, Erotischer, Docks
    Self-explanatory / already explained above

    Following maps are lacking under barely popularity the most :

    - Mix Madness
    - Combine
    - Tributal Final
    - Perculate_oreo
    - Cavern
    - Dark Energy
    - Asiatech

    There are other maps which do not have that much popularity (Industrial, Docks, Erotischer, Rocket Ending ...), but they get picked every once in a while.

    Furthermore, these most unpopular maps are the ones I haven't played enough on to get an actual impression, so I decided that I state their popularity, as far as I've seen it.

    Keep in mind to reconsider that many of the deathrun players, who populate(d) the server, do not own a forum account and thus we cannot see what they're thinking.

    Not sure whether fun rounds still exist, but they were an issue to the players, because they weren't used to it and do not like it (e.g. slippery floors). Obviously, you cannot fullfill every desire, however, these kind of fun rounds demotivated the players to play the round/game/server. If the majority is/was affected by it, then I'd reconsider fixing fun rounds.
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  11. Silly

    Silly Fantasy VIP Silver

    Bro I love docks ::(

    (If I don't get lazy I'll put my opinion on maps and stuff)
    Any thing in specific you want input on?
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  12. Scorch

    Scorch ㄣ⃒ Silver

    +1 on resetting times on all maps, dont think models should really be removed though. just need a few more maps and i think people without a rank should be able to get some player models that arent so basic.

    zombie survival is only possible on free runs lol so i agree with the removal. adding more maps would 100% make the server a lot more fun
  13. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

    Anything and everything you believe would help the server regain a sense of community/population, with a focus on ease of implantation.

    I've modified the main post with a few changes.
  14. Fregley

    Fregley ThErE aRe StOrIeS wAiTiNg To Be MaDe VIP Silver

    Give players a reason to join DR.
    Give them some sort of incentive, something that rewards them for sticking around and playing a dead server.
    Host giveaways on the server; not points, that's boring and not exciting whatsoever.

    Overall, deathrun is a dead game mode. No one wants to play it unless you are on PG because on everyone breaks the rules, and that happens because no one cares. You can actually have fun, and the server is constantly updated. Not to mention, sgm deathrun hasn't received constant worthwhile update pushes in quite a while.

    Need to have constant updates and a willing owner that actually wants to take care of it. If the admins/developers aren't given any trust to update files or add/remove of any sort. There is no work to be done to a dead server. The only population you will find is when you beg friends to get on.

    Either get permissions to add/remove files, or watch your server remain 0/40 day-day.
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  15. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald