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    Deathrun Requirements:
    The first thing to do is look through the general thread that is public to all players right here, where it also includes how to increase your chances and how one should act while playing on our services.
    This is also available on the application thread when you decided to apply, which can be found right here for you guys:

    To join our Deathrun team, you must meet the following requirements*:​
    • Must be able to properly communicate in English
    • Must have a linked Steam account
    • Must have a linked Discord account
    Due to the different in-game environment deathrun presents, the administration can show more flexibility with hour requirements. If accepted, activity requirements will be negotiated and may be reevaluated or changed at any time.

    The Application Process:
    This part is pretty simple; Just follow this link here, fill out an application to the best of your abilities, and you will need to wait a varying amount of time. Mind you while we're still taking in staff members, you should get a very fast response with feedback or a time for an interview.

    If you do happen to make it to the next level of staffing, there is no trial phase, albeit you do get trained properly to become an above and beyond staff member.

    Please feel free to ask any questions in a conversation or a part of our Q&A thread.

    Best of luck in your journey through deathrun!

    Warm Regards,
    Deathrun Managewink
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    I've updated this thread, removing some old irrelevant information and altering the requirements:

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