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    So as most of us know Deathrun is of the lesser populated servers that we currently have here on SGM. I may be rather new to the SGM scene but i've been around gmod for quite a few years and have had my fair share of playing on servers so I think with these suggestions we could really improve upon the current status of the SGM DR server. Let's change it up, let's spice it up a bit and add more flavor to the server and gameplay. I want SGM and @Highwon to take us to flavor town with these updates and suggestions for DR.


    So the current leveling system is currently portrayed through league of legends ranks which is very few in numbers of actual ranks. I suggest we scrap the rank system and implement something more fun and rewarding. Number discussion can be afterwards, for now i'm just gonna through out numbers just to get an example across. Create and name 30+ something ranks that are custom too SGM or just names that have to do with game references, speed, whatever it may be. Level obviously through an EXP system that scales with each level. This would also mean maybe changing the way EXP is granted to the players. For example, winning your first round of the current map being played on, you would get a bonus amount of EXP on top of the set amount of completion EXP for it. (not the first and only first round of the map, but of YOU winning YOUR first round.) and every consecutive round won afterwards would be a set amount. As for deaths the EXP system would work for gaining a set amount of EXP for winning the round and an extra few EXP for each runner killed via traps. As for the amount of EXP in order to level it would depend on how many ranks are decided to be made and implemented. Could get something along the lines of 10 exp, 50 exp, 100 exp, 200 exp, and so on.. or could just do doubles after each rank up. I played a server I believe started at 2 exp and doubled from there. So that would be 2,4,8,16,24,48,96,192,384, and so on. But like I said, the numbers can be tweaked and discussed if this is even decided to be implemented. Along with ranking up we could introduce some unlockables and rewards for a players achievements in ranking up, maybe something every 5 levels or so depending on how many ranks are created. Rewards could range from earning points to granting access to !rtd or even certain models, perks, and skins. I want to keep the rewards to points and cosmetic based so avoid ranks not giving an unfair edge, leaving upgrades available for all ranks no matter how high you are, as long as you got the points you can upgrade whenever and whatever you want.


    !RTD otherwise known as Roll The Dice is a system commonly used in Deathrun servers that are a fun incentive to spend a little bit of points to either cause some fun, cause some chaos, bring you to your death, or maybe help you with that trap. RTD could cause a multitude of things to ones self on your run. Most players chose to use it at the start just for run but you could hold of on using RTD to maybe help you later on in your run. Simply typing !RTD in chat would spend 50 points to roll the dice and decide what would happen to you, the player. Most of the actions are comical and fun, for example forcing your player to crouch and quack like a duck for a few seconds, you are forced to spin around simultaneously playing "you spin me right round baby right round..", you are kicked up into the air (which may harm or hurt you in your run), your head shrinks, your head grows, your body shrinks, your body grows, you win points, you lose points, you get set on fire for a few seconds, maybe RTD can heal you, sometimes RTD just does nothing. The possibilities for the us of !RTD are almost endless. Every chance would have an equal percentage to happen based on how many are implemented. I think it would just be a simple and fun addition to Deathrun that would give you a helping hand, possibly harm your run, or just stupid shit to fuck around with.


    Now for this I'll break it up into a few categories: Models, Perks, Hats/Props, Upgrades, and Skins.


    Perks would act as some sort of cosmetic upgrade to a player's model or gameplay. PURLEY COSMETIC BASED!! Would have no real effect on the actual gameplay, no advantage or causing disadvantage. Some examples of player perks would be:
    • Text Hat: Displays a customized text above the players model. Would have to implement a rule to not abuse such perk with slurs or harassment.
    • Paint Bucket: Change the models color if applicable to said model. Example, some HL2 models have various colors for their shirts and coats and what not.
    • Skin Applier: In opposition of Paint Bucket if it doesn't work out with most models. I know on another server we had a skin applier that would apply certain colors and patterns to parts of the models and weapons. Would be a max of 3 for the model and 1 for the weapon. Certain models have more parts to apply to skin to than others, some models could have 1 or 2 parts applicable, others could have 6+. Just depends on the player model you are using.
    • Bug Bait: Throwable ball the makes (essentially) a fart. Just something fun and stupid.
    • Zombie Blood: Turns your blood green.
    • Mech Blood: Makes your blood spark.
    • Magneto Stick: plain and simple, magneto stick. zap zap :^) (however this could actually damage deaths much like a knife/crowbar)
    This is only a couple of examples of what we could add as for perks to make Deathrun just a little more interesting and fun to enjoy.


    Hats and or Props are also something that is cosmetic based to add to ones player model. Another thing that many, not just Deathrun servers, have. You would have to buy an upgrade (which i'll include later) that allows you to apply props/hats. These could be any hl2/c22 prop that would be on the head. some examples would be, watermelon, skull, cone, turtle, afro, headcrab, stop sign, spotlight, box, top hat, wizard hat, etc. The list of props/hats that are applicable to this certain addition is huge. These are just very few to name. There would obviously be a max of how many props one could apply being limited to how many points you put into the HATS/PROPS upgrade.


    These upgrades would work in the sense of like TTT where they would improve your gameplay and unlock new and unique things to use/help you out. None would be to incredibly game breaking but would definitely be enough to give a little edge to those who save up the points and time to spend on upgrades.

    • Max Health 0/10: Each point increases your health by +3, for a total of 130 max health.
    • Hats/Props 0/3: Apply 1 , 2 , 3 (max) props on your player model.
    • Skin Applier 0/3: Apply 1, 2, 3 (max) skins to your player model.
    • Weapon Skin Applier 0/1: Applies one skin to your weapon of choice.
    • Magneto Stick: same as above (could work as an upgrade instead of a perk since it would deal damage)
    • Jump Height 0/5: Increases your max jump heigh would have to figure out the numbers or percentage, idk what they currently are on Deathrun. (Could conflict with lowgrav special round or make it even more fun)
    • Fists: Much like magneto and bug bait, another weapon to use. Punch em to death.

    The skins we have are currently super boring and upsetting. We should scrap some of the shitty CS:GO knife skins and use colorful, fun, cool, edgy, pattern based skins that would be applicable via the upgrade you would have to purchase. The skins can range from basic colors to abstract patterns or basic images. Galaxy, flowers, rainbow, fire, lightning, memes, MLG *bang pow sirens air horns* who knows what could be added. As for anniversary skins, please show DR some love. Give some of the knives a nice gilded skin or use my idea of the skin applier and use like a motion moving skin as an anniversary skin or a really nice custom made pattern that you could only find and get on our server (unless recreated).


    I'm choosing to make models last in terms of the section about the shop because it's just gonna be a bunch of links to models I feel would be a fun addition the to server. Right now I feel the server doesn't have a specific "theme" with models so I think anything goes in terms of suggestion as long as they work, don't break the game, are visually good, and aren't breaking any rules. (i'll be testing them and update the thread with any that don't work) I also think we should not have separate death models and runner models, only if you are using the default models. Buying and using a player model should override both runner and death models making it used at all times. However, I will still suggest models for "runner" and "death" incase this idea is ruled out a no.
    (These model suggestions are my opinion on what I think looks nice and would be a good addition)

    I think that's enough player model suggestions for this thread. There are so many other great ones that I want to suggest but I think this is a good enough variety. Where they end up in the shop in terms of what rank to obtain them and price should be let up too Highwon and whoever is helping him with DR. But I would hope maybe some of my faves would be left easily accessible hehe xd :love:.


    Again much like models, i'm just going to list and link one's I feel would be a great and run addition to the rotation. Could maybe weed out the problematic and never played maps in exchange for new ones that would drive more players to come and play. Of course just like any map suggestions these would have to be tested first like we did with TTT ones since I honestly don't know how I would test and deem it a good fitting map (again, all my opinions based on what I think and like)

    Everyone can blame @Elvis for this long suggestion thread.

    In all seriousness, I hope these changes, ideas, and suggestions are put into good thought and I hope to see some of them actually make it in game. I truly think they will improve our DR servers and overall experience.

    XoXo ~ Angie
    ❤ U ❤
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    +1 Would make DR more enjoyable and incentivize people to use points and play for longer sessions
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    Deathrun has always been lackluster to me even in like 2018. Definitely need more content to make it more interesting for newbies and for players on here who play TTT. +1
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    +1 just because of how long it must have taken you to write all of this. I'd be a shame if it were all for nothing.
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    My fingers still hurt. and there are still typos but im too lazy to fix those rn.
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    To be honest, any new updates to Deathrun would be nice. +1
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    Don't forget the big head, small head, big body, small body potions, and trails too
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    Well I didn’t include them because In cG And other servers that had it sometimes those perks could skew hitboxes. So I suggested to have them in RTD as a chance to have it for a round or a few seconds rather than a permanent perk.

    as for trails we already have them but I honestly forgot to even suggest anything new, just give me a pride rainbow as a trail GDI!!
  9. Frost

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    Well if we can enlarge the hitboxes for big head and or keep the same for the small, then we good homie, Nathan could do it if he'd like
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    I'm currently zoning various maps to patch exploits and adding end zones to new potential maps. Hopefully I'll be done within a day or two.

    I'd like a rtd system and I do plan on making one in the short term future so I'll see what I can do with regard to that.

    Models may be an issue if we plan to add the ability to resize specific features. For example if we want players to have a large head, I'm not quite sure what the head of a bag of doritos is... it may be a case of testing out the various models we currently have and the models which are currently suggested to find those that would work well with such a system.

    I agree that the knives are uninspired overall. It's great to have a couple but when you look at even ttt for example - the reskins for the crowbar are just unique. I'll look into the possibility of added more unique skins for the default deathrun starting weapon.

    Personally I just don't like the current achievement system. I'm open to any changes regarding the system but it'd be something I'd have to talk to Highwon about.
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    I believe you can disable them for certain playermodels. It does actually effect those models you mentioned, but uh, it looks more like a tumor than anything else.

    Maybe add the most popular knives, and provide a few popular skins, or not skinned, depends. I believe there's an addon with all the cs knives and skins, but I'm sure you can reduce the amount to your desired amount
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    I remember small head and big head on luigi and mario made there fucking right leg ENGORGED!
    So it works in more ways than just the head, just depends on what part it's abled to focus on and effect if there is no proper head model.
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    Never forget Shrek with big head small body..
    Pls add Shrek
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  14. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Give deathrun the light +1
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    Updating after testing some of the models more for basic in game functions because I tend to like the look of something and subscribe / copy paste and not actually look at the details or comments :^) (holding weapons, walking, running, shooting, dying, model proportions, etc.)

    Isabelle - Good
    Female Combine - Good (shoes look weird)
    Rosalina - Holds guns weirdly. might find another workshop of her.
    Black Mage - Good. Super cute
    White Mage - Good
    TV Head - Good
    Feng Min - Good
    Hatty - Not a model
    Mardoka - Beautiful. Precious. An Absolute Goddess.
    Castle Knights - Not a model
    Morty - Poorly done model, might find another.
    Kanna - Good. Might be too small.
    Muscle Pyro -
    Not a model
    Division Rioters - All Good
    Space Man - Good
    Undead Female - Doesn't hold items properly. good WoW movments tho lol
    Undead Male - Same as female
    Cordana - Good
    Sans - Good
    Papyrus - Good
    Myers - Good
    Mr. L - Not a model
    Alice - Visible holding weapons/guns in first person but the physical items show below the model in third person.
    Haus - Good
    Anonymous - Good
    The Hag - Good, but looks weird standing up. (if you play DBD you know what I mean)
    Grim - Heads a bit too big, walks weird since he doesn't have legs
    Rick - Good
    Neighbor - Good

    Also it would be great to replace Jinx with Star Guardian Jinx. No annoying jiggle physics guns waving around and this honestly looks better.
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    Pls test Shrek
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    yeah i agree with most of what was said. i've been trying to say that a lot of new players kinda just gave up playing the server when they find out that they cant buy the better items once they got enough points. having more items available to non-donators and even lower tier ranks would be nice.

    as for rtd, i think it would be nice, but i've seen in a lot of other servers that a lot of people tend to care more about messing with rtd than actually playing the objective lol

    but aside from that this gets a +1 from me (y)
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    people are 10 steps ahead dw
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