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Discussion in 'Rules and Protocol' started by Viral☣, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Viral☣

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    I found a way to help stop people from death avoiding.Heres how it works,If someone leaves/goes AFK as Death they will have to make up that round and become the death for the next round they play.If they leave the server then the next time they join they will have to make up the number of rounds they had death avoided.
    Its a good way to stop death avoiding when no staff are on and not a very common thing on many servers.It can be helpful in some situations and It would be a nice thing to add.
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  2. Chewie

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    What about when someone chooses a glitchy gamemode, or something along the lines of that, going into spectator mode is the only way to avoid that, (that I know of) people shouldn't be punished when a glitch occurs.

    Sometimes, I need to poop when I become death, I don't like coming back having to be death again..
  3. Viral☣

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    When A runner goes in a game mode that glitches the deaths shouldn't kill themselves because they weren't the one who went into the glitched game mode in the first place.
    If you need to go to the bathroom while death it is fair that you make up those rounds because I have seen a huge amount of people lying to avoid death everyday.If you have to go then you just leave the game do your stuff and come back and make up 1 death round.
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  5. HoneySenpai<3

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    @Adam do you have a workshop link to post?
  6. Viral☣

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    I haven't really gotten into looking for the workshop link but I'll be sure to either ask the owner of that server or look myself.If I can't find it I will tag @Verified @Chai or @Skyrossm to help me find it.
  7. Skyrossm

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    It looks like it is custom coded, so Highwon/Disruptionz would have to make it themselves.
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    Hold on, I don't mean to be a dick but how will this help? I know they will end up and have to play death. But won't they just keep going afk? And what if you're just afk to grab a snack.. Erm.