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    If it would be possible to make it so when you die a sign appears where you died, and when you click it, it'll open a chest inventory with all the items the player had before death.

    I believe this would be a great addition to help remove some clutter and assist players hoping to recover their items when they meet an untimely death.

    I believe these "rules" should be tacked on if this feature is added as well,

    • Only one active 'Death Sign' at a time to prevent clutter
    • Any and all players can have access these signs
    • No additional information for the signs(no coords, etc.) except for the players name
    Of course with any suggestion I also like to look at the potential bad side, so here are some of them I've considered.

    - It can potentially make the game too easy and not survival like.
    With everything that is already added to the game like the /tpa system, McMMO benefits, and a market you can profit off of with just putting the time in, a Death Storage System would not be overkill. It assists newer players from losing potentially hours of work and rage-quitting. It allows for a neater and cleaner system of looting for PvPer's. Everyone has access to these signs and therefore they can be easily looted by anyone, and with everyone having a sign upon death it's not an exclusive perk or 'unfair' feature to anyone.

    - It could potentially bug in situations like falling into Lava or the Void.
    Unlucky but not unfair, you don't get a sign if it bugs or if you fall into an unreachable area.

    - Potential abuses?
    Can't predict any as of now

    Your thoughts?
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    I'd like to see something like this be implemented.
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    Possibly have the sign despawn after 30 minutes or so, because I can see lots of noobs leaving them out randomly in the wilderness than never playing again.
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    +1 to this however I kind of enjoyed the rush of having to get back to your items before the server cleared them/a player picks them up. I can get why you'd want this sort of thing but still.
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    I've now had it happen to me 4 times where I've died and been unable to retrieve my items before they despawn. The small time frame that has been set in which items despawn and the battle with lag (for those with shit internet) makes retrieving your items hopeless at times. Please add some type of gravestone feature!
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  13. Salem

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    would the signs disappear after the items are retrieved?
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    I believe we're on our way!


    Edit: I'm retarded
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  15. TLCFanboy

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    I'd have to +1 idea. Except instead of 30 minutes we knock it down to 10 minutes, so it's not too short or too long.
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