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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by (DDG) MysteryMan21333, Oct 25, 2020.

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    Alright, so let me begin from the beginning when I originally joined the server, so when I originally joined the server it was just rdming nonsense with the occasional prop kill, in which when I got tired of I contacted one of your admins by the names of Ryan on your discord server to come help out, which he was very helpful in getting things together. So after a few matches of proper joking around and some heavy debates on political things with the server, I had grown fondly to this lad named NatoBobGames, in which I had to agree to several of statements and the fact he had a nice joking manor to him to keep things cool which I appreciated since I guess I was getting a bit hot headed, after a few matches we began joking around more with each other then I met Telora, a fine lass/lad who I made a few fun interesting parts in one of the matches which the mod who recorded the video was in, I'm kinda surprised he didn't include the entire video to show that by the time the actual bit where I mad a joke about being in a discord with nato and saying he was a traitor was full on in a joking manor in which later on he told me he was the actual traitor when I had been killed and the round ended which suprised me to a extent because I dont like ruining things for people especially for people I really enjoy having around, then telora got ropped into it for having killed him. Later on (I dont think he recorded it but) I made a similar joke about Telora when a traitor began to shoot right in front of me and I responded to the fact to saying "scratch that, is seems so and so is the traitor in which I failed horribly to kill." but this was several matchs later when nato had gotten off and told everyone he was getting off informing me he sent me a friend invite which I greatfully accepted because come on if your enjoying your time with someone dont you wanna play with them again, after all that and a few rounds after my joke about Telora I was banned by a mod named Pixie who informed me about the video evidence in which we "confessed" and got the go from another mod to ban us which Im guessing is the head-mod? No clue, so I went to discord got a bit rile up to know why I was banned which also seemed to lead to Telora ban and that of possibly banning Nato even tho hes offline Im unsure if they did or not youd have to find out because im unsure, and finally I went throught the process after a tedious debate in the general chat to post my appeal here to be read and decided upon.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    Well if youd like you could ask Telora, I dont know if nato has the discord or a account, and potentially look deeper into the video deciphering for yourself if we were joking or if we were actually full blown trying to ghost which doesnt make sense for ghosting would mean a serious rule and kinda useless to me because im not a big fan of meta gaming and rdming if theres no big reason for it aka another rdmer targets someone.

    (Removed link as Iizzy provided the actual one and this doesnt lead to anything important - Voca)​
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  2. Pixie.Dimi

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    Hello I have seen this and shall respond to this later.
    I shall say I got permission from @Spookyvenom for the ban for ghosting. @Zarock96 is also working on more evidence that we have since my internet is not great when it comes to uploading videos.

    Please be patient.
  3. iizzy

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    Not sure why you just posted my youtube channel that I use for recording hackers/rulebreakers but here's the actual video evidence that was ruled on:

    Are you saying in this appeal that you weren't in a call at all? Because in the video Nato admits to having said, excitedly, that he was a traitor, and you having heard him then repeating it into the game chat. Him saying that he was a T wasn't in game chat at all, as you can see in my video that the entire beginning of the round was recorded. So where did you hear him say that he was a traitor, which he admitted to saying to you?
  4. Pixie.Dimi

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    Alright so in the video you can clearly hear yourself KOSing Nato and Telora acted on the kos. If you go to 1:10, Natobob pretty much says he said he was a traitor and you called him out in game. Nato even brings up that you heard him admit to being a traitor in discord. After that iizzy gave the videos for any admin to take a look and see if they agree with the ghosting, which Spiteful agreed with us and so you are now ban for 4 weeks.
    Do you have anything you would like to say about the video?
  5. Pixie.Dimi

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    Alright so I have not heard from you since and so I shall finish off this ban appeal.
    I do not believe in what you say and I had an admin give me the go ahead to ban you.
    So I will not be accepting this ban appeal.
    If you wish to talk to me about this then message me on discord. If you wish to talk to the admin let me know and I will tell you who to contact.

    Ban appeal : Denied
  6. Pixie.Dimi

    Pixie.Dimi Sleepy and in need of cuddles VIP

    Alright, after talking to the admin we have reduced the ban to 1 week ( local Vanilla) for toxicity. Feel free to game on the other servers while you serve this ban.
    Many thanks.
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