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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Opalium, Apr 8, 2017.

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  1. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    Basically everyone on the dev team has been busy, to the point of maybe our progress has stopped, or maybe its just very slow, regardless we still want the idea to happen, but a timetable could be anywhere from a month to a year given that all the involved individuals have jobs and lives (even me kappa)
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  2. Tups

    Tups VIP

    i just want some fun jobs and a open map, stacker tool, Advanced dup 2, and some good ass shit, make it original
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  3. BorkWoof

    BorkWoof VIP

    I like DarkRP, the main gripe I have with most servers is
    Reskinned jobs
    Low prop limit (my decors matter ok)
    TDM cars (It doesn't feel right to drive, the map isn't big and I only really see it logical for emergency services/police)
    Donor exclusive guns that provide a MASSIVE advantage
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  4. Dr.Death

    Dr.Death VIP Silver

    tbh I have gotten into darkrp a bit more recently and I just like to have a good time. One suggestion I have is that I played on one darkrp server a while ago and it had a csgo knife type thing where you could buy and sell csgo knives, or you could open crates for certain weapon skins and knives/knife skins.
  5. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    DO NOT make another fucking darkrp server that is the same as every other darkrp server. If you don't make it unique in more than one way people are just going to leave. Seriously. My suggestions:
    -Streamline staff protocols. I would recommend avoiding the idea of sits, all information can be obtained by !p and the person doesn't need to be brought to you at all.
    -Rules should be simplistic. Don't go into detail on what is and isn't allowed, open them up for interpretation. The moment you start declaring what isn't allowed is the moment you start declaring that the server is no longer a role play server.
    -Allow for /job. It makes the game soooo much more fun then if you have it off.
    -High prop limit so people can be creative.
    -Make donation purely cosmetic. Perhaps different models for different jobs? If you lock away jobs behind a pay wall you've already failed. No one should have to pay real money to get a class that is overpowered.
    -Avoid custom classes like the plague. Role playing is no fun when the person you are role playing with is a "dumbass' cc". Not to mention they often times don't fall under any kind of role play rules and regulations.
    -I would recommend resetting the money every so often, or make it so that people don't get super rich, but also make it so people can afford stuff. No one likes to grind for 4 hours before they can role play.
    -Fully flesh out every job so that they all work together very well. If you have a thief, make it so he has to buy lockpicks from the gun dealer, make it so the gun dealer has to get a permit from the mayor to sell legally, make it so the cops have to do as the mayor says no matter how ridiculous. Make it so the mob has a purpose, like consolidating drug industries. All in all, make each job dependent on another in some way to ensure that people need other people to do certain things. You want to make interaction, and you don't want people just guarding their shit.
    -Allow the mayor to make whatever bullshit law he feels like he wants to make. He is the mayor ffs, he has to be voted in and he can be demoted by a simple vote. I think the staff should take a seriously hands off approach to that, because trust me people will have more fun if the mayor is a tyranical dictator, maybe the whole server will come together to stop him.
    -Get rid of failrp, or at least redefine it. If am role playing a dirty cop, how is it failrp if I have money printers? Some would say you aren't allowed to play a dirty cop. To that I say, why the fuck not? This is a DARKRP server. Everyone is encouraged to do crime, why not the cops?

    Honestly, don't forget what Darkrp is. Darkrp is not "Raid or wait to be raided" simulator. It's fucking roleplay. :)
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  6. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    you took every word out of my mouth :oops:

    for real tho if this is something that's happening make it something that'll last and be interesting
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  7. Amr

    Amr Benevolently Committed VIP Iron

    This is the approach we are talking towards the implementation phase. However as said by Xpro above, it's a slow process so we are still working on developing the hud and other custom add-ons before beginning to focus on the gameplay and how it's going to proceed
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  8. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    /me rates tryhard / tldr
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  9. Goose

    Goose Duck, Duck, Goose Motherfucker VIP

    Sorry our future Darkrp admin and RP developer has some strong disagreements with you in that department.
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  10. Theinkern

    Theinkern Inkern VIP Bronze

    *reasons why darkrp failed* -looking back from the future
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  11. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    He has amazing points I'm just teasing him
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  12. Theinkern

    Theinkern Inkern VIP Bronze

    You didn't think I was teasing :eek: cmon xpro. Everybody knows darkrp won't be setup in the future xD
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  13. BorkWoof

    BorkWoof VIP

    It's not DarkDM anymore, It's DarkRP

    srry i dont know what a joke is
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  14. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    So, I'm stupid, I never actually said what I wanted to see in the server, So I'm going to do that now.

    But First, I'll answer the big question:

    Do you think DarkRP is something we need? Or is it not the right time/right game to look towards?

    Well personally, I'm trying not to be biased here, as I've wanted an RP server since we stopped being SeriousTTT and became SeriousGmod. However, Our track record between MC and DR Has been pretty shit, but I'll say this. As someone who spent a lot of time with one of the Minecraft Devs, irritatingness, I'll say that I think the #1 problem that caused the downfall of MC, was the dev team, I mean, I can't speak for their efforts before the server launched, but as soon as the server launched, most of the devs just stopped working on stuff, which made the game boring and repetitive causing people to leave. I think the most important thing we need is an active and dedicated Dev team for this server to succeed. Or else, why even bother launching. I see everyone saying people on the development team for the RP server has stopped, but really what do they know? Like, we dont even know if there is a dev team (yet).

    I'll say that if done right, this server has great potential to expand, the problem with Deathrun was that it was a dying gamemode, and the problem with Minecraft was the lack of a cohesive dev team, DarkRP, like TTT, will not die anytime soon, I feel if set up correctly, and maintained regularly, We would have a great RP Server, and another amazing addition to the server list. Personally, I'd play the fuck out of an RP server, and I know I'm not alone in this opinion, So I say, give it a shot.

    Okay, enough about that, this is all the shit I want to see:

    -Cameras, Radios, TV's, TECHNOLOGY
    One of the coolest things I have ever seen on any RP server, was the use of Tech like this, this one server had the ability to set up cameras around your base, that would link up to a TV Screen, so you could set a camera in a hall near your keypads or inside your base to know if someone was breaking in. I think this would be cool as shit, since it really adds a whole new layer in base design, since you'll want a place to put your cameras, and of course have a huge badass monitor room to watch your base from.

    TV's were also a cool feature in some other servers I played on, you could buy a TV, which linked you to YouTube, and could play videos on the TV, this made it super fun to just hang out with your Squad in your base while you tended to your printers, meth, or whatever you were doing. Radios are similar, but dont have a screen and only play Audio of YT Vids, but in all the servers I've played in with them, only DJs can buy them

    -Custom Classes, Cool Donator Perks
    One of the coolest things I think servers can do is add custom classes, if you don't know what this is, basically, if you buy a "Custom Class" You get to choose a playermodel from the workshop, and it will be put into the game and only you can pick a name for your job, and become that job whenever you like, most server made it so you could have it be a Good or Evil Class, Good classes would basically be Law enforcement, while Evil classes would be like gangsters and theifs. Normally, these are very expensive, and for good reason, since when you think about it, at the end of the day, somebody has to go back and add a bunch of shit, I'd recommend a system where custom classes are added every Sunday, to keep to much work off The Devs and Owners backs, I would also like to suggest Humanoid Models only, for obvious reasons.

    However, I also feel like Donator perks need to be done right as well, Certain jobs shouldn't be restricted, but I also think their should be VIP Exclusive Jobs, A good example of what I mean here is this, In one server I played one, There were 2 jobs, Hacker, and Thief, Hackers spawned with keypad Crackers, and Thiefs spawned with Lockpicks, a Donator exclusive class Was Professional Thief spawned with both a keypad cracker, and lockpick, That, is ok. I don't like the idea of VIP exclusive printers because I think its unfair for people to be locked out of that, basically making the game just a little bit Pay2Win.

    -Meth, Meth, Meth!
    Personally, I'll click off a server almost instantly if I see that it doesn't have the Meth Cook Job. The addon that I like to cook meth with involves having a jar, to cook Crystalized Iodine in, A Pot to cook Red Phosphorous in, and A Special Pot, To cook the Meth in, and you can buy the ingredients from the purchase menu. This is just the meth plugin I like to use, since the rest of them are either too simple, with Meth basically being a glorified money printer, or too complex being fucking crazy hard to understand, this is simple enough that anybody can learn it, but complex enough to where it isn't too boring.

    So, I'm sure I'll get shot down immediately for this one, But Purge is a whole new gamemode where its basically DarkRP, but Every 10 minutes out of the hour, There are no rules in regards to killing players. The Reason that I am suggesting this is, Ironically, if you've seen the movies, the reason for the purge was to reduce crime, and I find that on Purge servers, I actually don't get RDM'd near as much since every hour, people are allowed to go on a huge murder spree. No, I am not suggesting that we do a full on purge server, but I think it would be both cool, and unique, if we made it a choice for the Mayor, the active Mayor can choose to instate the purge every hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc. as one of the laws, I just think this would just be a cool power for Mayor's to have.

    -Originality, Above All Else, And a Smooth, Prepared Launch
    Now that I've talked about everything that every other server did right, in my opinion, lets talk about what we need to do right, We need to think outside the box, and be unique, we need something to separate us from the rest of the RP Servers out there, and believe me, there are a lot of them. Do I have a suggestion here? No, I don't, I know next to nothing about develop a Gmod server, so I guess we'll just have to leave that one to the Dev team to decide. Just be as creative as possible.

    I think what everyone wants to see is a very smooth launch, On its Launch, MC didn't have everything it needed, I would urge the Dev team to not release, or announce a release until the server is absolutely positively 100% ready. Be sure. I also think the server should receive either monthly or bi-monthly updates, taken from the suggestions of the community, while TTT updates, don't come very often, I feel like they are quality enough to compensate.

    I also think the server should be started focused on the long-term, sustainability, Minecraft had problems with this where we were popular for the first month, and then activity dropped off and it died, we need to be focused on how we will maintain our players, and while DarkRP and MC are definitely very different games I feel like they could be susceptible to the same problems, one of the things we talked about to re-boot minecraft is Money syncs, Things that cost a ton of money, but make your player unique, and make players want to keep on playing. There will definitely be players that start playing at the beginning but drop off, so we need to have a plan beforehand to get new players, or keep players playing

    I know its been months since this thread was originally created, but I figured, better late than never.

    Anyway, I really hope to see a DarkRP server sometime in the not so distant future, I think it would be a solid next move in expansion

    TL;DR, Read the blue and red

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  15. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe VIP

    So as someone with about 1000+ hours in DarkRP (What can i say), id like to offer a little input as well. Ill avoid many points as lil p famous rapper has stated many points i agree with, but to recap these are the ones i feel need to be stressed.

    - Avoid CC's - Custom Classes say 1 thing about a server. And that's, "We care more about the people that pay us, so if you don't donate prepare to have a mediocre experience at best".
    Avoid Donator Jobs - By far one of the most annoying thing's i see when i join a new server. You have a Thief, who has a lockpick, then you have a Professional Thief who has Pro Lockpick/Keypad Cracker/Medkit/Weapon. Not only does it feel like it breaks Roleplay in some ways, it is a flat out advantage. That class doesn't need to buy anything to run out and play.
    Make Donations Cosmetic - Now knowing Serious staff, they can think of some fun and interesting ways to have donations worthwhile, without giving a flat advantage to gameplay. Whether that be in event's or cosmetics, but do not let $ buy advantages. It kills any incentive for new players on the server.

    Now, this is where id like to make a few more points. The 1 thing i see absolutely lacking in all DarkRP servers today is Roleplay. Now i understand not all of these systems may be possible in coding, but i figure it is worth mentioning.

    Note - Most points i make here are coming from a guide by Dogman_35 to Lawless RP, a game mode simular to DarkRP with much more emphasis on Roleplay. I feel these points can carry over well to a DarkRP server for a more enriched experience.

    - Cops & Mayor - Cops & Mayor should have no vote, but automatically demote upon death. With a hefty timer to have them from instantly rejoining the force. This keeps the police in a constant state of change. And only the most strategic cops will have a long life on the force. As well, cop's don't have to spawn with weapons, but perhaps have to buy them from a police armory. Keeping the weaker weapons for new police, to help combat the minges that will come. The only real rule to this class being to protect the mayor above all else. As for the mayor, his only rule should be not to make impossible laws, such as "Kill all Jews on sight" or "KOS Anyone leaving spawn area". But give the mayor freedom to make any other kinds of laws he wishes. It's laws like a night curfew, making all guns illegal, or only cops can use mics, that create real tension between the underground gangs and the police force. It will put a actual emphasis on the police force, which is so underused in all of DarkRP anymore. It will give the police power, a driving factor, and a constant threat to gang's.
    Remove the Arrest Baton - Standing in a shootoff with police 1 second and just appearing in a cell completely stripped of all belongings the next is pretty damn stupid. It in no way promotes good or fun roleplay. This can be replaced with a Handcuff SWEP, or any kidnapping SWEP, and police physically taking people to their cells. Realistic arresting is the key to prevent minges from RDA'ing. It gives the citizen a chance to run/hide/fight back. And having no automatic unarrest means your options are to pay, have someone break you out, or break out yourself.

    - Rework RDM - Now trust me here, this may sound weird but hear me out. With changes as mentioned above for police, this can effectively rework RDM. Instead of having some floating man in the sky come break roleplay for everyone to have a sit and solve the issue, why not make it a police issue ? If police see someone randomly shooting at another, they will go up and attempt to diffuse the situation/arrest/or kill the assailant. And self defense in play, gives you the power to simply kill someone for shooting at you. Admins will still be there to deal with situations that get to far out of hand, but this change to this rule will deal with minges coming on, buying the weak starting pistol and trying to get their jollies from RDM'ing random citizens. It will allow both the citizens and police to instead deal with most all minges that come through, instead of bugging staff members every 10 seconds with these reports. But to further have this work, here is another proposed change.

    Limit inventory size to 4 (at most) - What this does is allow you to carry between sessions/deaths ONLY what is important to you. Allow pocket for keeping everything else, however, we all know pocket is lost on death. With this minor change, suddenly you can't just carry around $30,000,000 worth of guns safe and sound, with no way of losing them. You get 4 items that you choose to prioritize, and everything else is at risk of being lost. Now the question is, what is to stop that RDMer from hopping on and causing people to lose all of their hard work.
    Starting Cash/General Prices - When you see servers advertising things like "100k start' that is a literal advertisement to minges to come in, buy a strong gun, and go on a rampage. Instead, start new players off with ONLY enough money to buy a few printers and a weak pistol to start. Pricing weapons like SMG's/AR's & Shotguns / Heavy Weaponry high for singles, and have cost multiplied x10 for shipments. Combine that with changes to RDM rule and how police work, and the chances of minges coming on and doing any damage fall pretty short.

    - Don't be afraid to try new maps - As i stated, as someone with 1,000+ hours on DarkRP, it gets really, really, really, REALLY boring, playing on downtown. Downtown is not a set map for DarkRP. There are other choices, and even other successful servers that play on varied maps. Don't feel pressured to have to play Downtown just because others do. There are many maps that could be just as, if not more enriching to the experience.

    And finally, the last point id like to make, which was touched on by lil p famous rapper, but i'd like to expand on the idea. And that is classes.
    Rename classes with neutral names/Adverting - First off, adverting crimes is some of the dumbest shit to come to DarkRP. Advertising to the whole world that your robbing a bank is nut's and completely breaks immersion. For the love of god, Don't do it. As for classes, instead of Thief, have Locksmith, instead of Police, have Peacekeeper, instead of Gangster, have Citizen. Giving classes neutral names allows them to be played in more then 1 way. You could be a Locksmith that works as a informant for police, that breaks into houses to gather evidence, or a serial killer that waits for his victims to return to their homes. Allowing room for interpretation on jobs, letting people play them more then 1 way, allows for a experience that doesn't get stale. And gives players limitless options on how to play.

    Now i may have many disagree with me on 1 or more points, but these are points i feel would make a great server that actually puts some emphases on the RP in DarkRP.

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  16. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    I like a lot of these but I think that staff should still intervene in rdm situations, just not in the normal way. Having someone tp to you and drag you out of play to get all sides is a waste of time. If you have logs that are good and !p you are fine. Like, they can just pm you and figure out what happened similar to on TTT. I'm actually surprised no one has coded an rdm manager for darkrp. It makes sense, someone reports you and you have to fill it out. I agree on the donation part, custom classes are dumb as fuck and so are donations that make you godlike. What's the point in saving for a gun when you can easily just drop few dollars and always spawn with one. TTT doesn't have this problem because all the guns are cheap enough to where you'll always be able to buy a gun from pointshop. I've always been a strong advocate that cops and mayors should be allowed to be dirty because ffs it is darkrp. DARK rp. The notion that it's good vs evil is dumb, it should be evil vs. evil where everyone is fucked up. I do like the idea of the mayor not being able to re-spawn, but perhaps cops should? I just feel like there is very little incentive to play cop anyways just because of the fact that there is no reward. I was playing on a server where you can get money if you gaurd the PD, so that's cool. I'd suggest making cops have a high salary to combat the utter bordem.

    TL;DR *rates agree kind of*
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  17. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    YEAH don't give them a big advantage like the gayk47 on vanilla
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  18. Amr

    Amr Benevolently Committed VIP Iron

  19. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

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  20. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe VIP

    The whole point of the modified rdm rule i posted is to stop your basic minge. After he dies the 1st time and loses his pistol, he'd no longer have the means to minge. Ofcourse if someones being more problamatic, staff would be there to step in.
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