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Approved dannyphantom333's Appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by dannyphantom333, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. dannyphantom333

    dannyphantom333 New Member

    Explain the case:
    Okay so what happened was i was playing and i was randomly banned for 4 days and i was confused then i waited for 4 days then when its done i see it for 23 days and i'm so confused.​
    Related Evidence:
    you can check it says 23 days i would provide a picture but it isnt working right now.sorry if that makes this longer​
  2. luna♥

    luna♥ dysphoria Administrator Legendary

    Moved to the correct forum.

    Can you give us your steam id or steam name? I can't seem to find you on the ban list.
  3. dannyphantom333

    dannyphantom333 New Member

    my name ingame is king of sindria when i got banned
  4. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Not Pb Admin Community Manager Lead Admin Elite


    You were banned by @giraffe ☯ for RDM and Leave 1st; which was then extended due to a ban evasion by @luna♥ on the steam ID: STEAM_0:0:201442960 . Give luna some time and she'll address it.
  5. luna♥

    luna♥ dysphoria Administrator Legendary

    Your steamid is STEAM_0:1:183319065

    @giraffe ☯ banned you for RDM and Leave 1st + Ban evasion, and I banned you on your other account, dangerdewott for Ban evasion.
  6. dannyphantom333

    dannyphantom333 New Member

    i just wanted to use that other account to understand what happened i promise you that.i would just say if you could add why you ban people instead of just saying how long.that would mean i wouldn't need to use my separate account to figure out what happened
  7. dannyphantom333

    dannyphantom333 New Member

    i want you to understand i didn't know about the ban evasion rule and i didn't even use my other account for that i just wanted to understand what happened.
  8. luna♥

    luna♥ dysphoria Administrator Legendary

    I do remember you getting on and asking about your ban, I told you that you should make an appeal and get off the server, since you were evading your ban at the time. However instead of leaving, you stayed on, and at one point joined in some mic spam. Because you were still evading, and mic spamming, I gave you the ban. I trust what you're saying, as you were the one who came to me about your ban. I'm willing to unban you, just maybe pay a bit more attention to the server rules to prevent this in the future. Also, if you do get banned, this is the place to contest it, not in game, as that'll get you banned like it did here.
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