Custom Titles For Everyone

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Drunk Dog Christmas Dog, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Y’all so salty cuz I said some true shit lol
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    let me guess, you'll report everyone talking shit about you?
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    Ur just dumb
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  4. AnarkisT

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    I DID NOT Moderate you children for 3 years so people could just BUY custom titles.

    I want SOMETHING to show for it. HahahahHAHAHAHAHAaaa
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  5. DocFox

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    I see a lot of emotion in the posted suggestion that has slowly accelerated an argument in the posts following it. Most of the posts are people defending themselves for what drunk has said out of emotion while using their emotions to justify themselves. However, having a custom title is kind of about how it makes you feel. Each separate side of the argument has some pretty strong points and I could truly be an advocate for both. One of the difficult things is really trying to get both sides of the suggestion to see things from the opposing side and see why they may be emotional about something like this.

    I believe it would be cool for regular members to have a custom title if it makes them feel better about themselves. You could do fun things with them, but then remember that you'll also be limited to things you can say and there will also be a cooldown to how often you could change them. Maybe implementing something like steam has for name changes but with a longer cooldown and have it activate after 3 or so changes. But does it make you feel unique if everyone has the same memey title? Especially since the only real way to see a regulars title is to click their name or visit their profile? Even if I click on a name, I can still see a status, so it's hard to justify it.

    Personally, I really enjoy having a custom title that came with putting in a lot of time and effort in this community. I know that having posts that I made while staff moved that one of the only things that will remain will be my title. Do you have anything to show for time spent here? The staff team are virtually always in need of help so if you want something changed, it should not be hard for you to become staff; just keep your nose clean and put in the hours. But will feel better knowing that you were staff with a custom title? Do you think that makes you better than someone if you have the title? The only thing my title does for me is reminds me of how I helped this place and possibly reminds others too. Don't use your title as a leg up on someone; use your know-how for that.

    All in all, I don't need a custom title, but I won't lie that it doesn't make me feel better that I have one and others don't. However, just because I have a title, doesn't mean I am better than other people. I also don't feel like I'm part of some elite group. Hell, I don't even talk to many people from this community anyway, so I know I'm not in some 'good-ole-boys club' because I'm former staff. My title gets me nothing but a good feeling about having a title.
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    Mango, you save lives for a living, You're better than 99% of us.
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    That's why i'm gonna leave a -1
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  8. Osmium

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    Bypassing the fire part, I would gladly support custom titles for regulars and veteran players in the community. Does beg the question why is it that is limited for Staff only? It's really nice though and people can think of unique titles for themselves. It gives a sense of pride and accomplishment self and telling people what kind of person you are or want to be.
  9. Python~

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  10. Acnologia

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    The drama in this thread is unneeded. Anyways, moving on.

    Obviously, as staff (or ex-staff), our opinions on the matter may be biased. Personally, I feel conflicted. On one end of the spectrum, I agree with many other people here that say that custom titles should be limited to staff only. I feel like perhaps(?) adding an option for ex-staff to be able to change their titles may be cool. This is because, a custom title is given as a part of the set to volunteers that succeed at getting to the point where they are helping out the server, one way or the other. Even if you retire as a volunteer, it was still a commendable act. Imagine putting 20 or more hours per 2 weeks into a game and receiving almost nothing but a title to show for it. Then suddenly, you aren't able to change it. Maybe we can change that part.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I feel like giving custom titles to regulars would be a really cool thing to do. It supports creativity. It stands out. I originally thought "let's make custom titles be available to any regular that makes 200 or more posts", but obviously that encourages shitposting. The shitposters having a custom title over people that are genuinely nice doesn't really appeal to me. Then I thought, why not make the administration be able to judge people that pass the 200 message mark to see if they're worthy of the title or not. That seems far better, and doesn't involve a paywall for a simple title.

    Regardless, I'm neutral on the matter.
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  11. Anastesia Lawes

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    So I am going to say -1 as titles were given to staff for their contribution to the servers and if you want one then it shouldn't be hard to figure out what you should try to do. You can say that there is no reason to make it a staff only thing but if everyone can have it its more or less another status and then what is the point. Everyone that wants it want it because it isn't for everyone so taking that away just removes the reason to have it at all. I agree with Acno that it should be changed so that ex staff could change it too(so I could have my god damn title back:salty:) but that is beside the point. If you really need to express yourself and can't try to get staff then you can use status instead.
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