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    Purpose and Application
    Virtually everyone at Serious GMod knows at least one other community that uses Garry's Mod as their main platform to entertain their community.
    You may even be a part of another Garry's Mod community or maybe even part of one that has a completely different game as their primary platform and that's fine.
    However, there are some things I want to reiterate to two, very important,
    rules of engagement when discussing other communities.

    Do NOT Advertise
    We do not allow the advertisement of other communities.
    Definition: A Notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy.

    Be Respectful
    Do not drag the name or reputation of another community through the mud.

    A large part of the SGM playerbase has a home in other communities in which they've invested their time and effort.
    I hate to see it when someone speaks poorly of Serious GMod,
    but I'm also not going to publicly display my hind-end to everyone by speaking poorly about another community.
    We here at SGM want to have a community that has a reputation that speaks for itself. Let other communities' reputations speak for themselves too. Thank you.
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