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What is your personal opinion on PVP inside of claims?

  1. PVP should be ENABLED in claims, as it is now.

  2. PVP should be DISABLED in claims, as it was before.

  3. Other (In favour of PVP)

  4. Other (Opposed to PVP)

  1. Skyrossm

    Skyrossm Ideal Female Moderator? VIP Emerald Bronze

    They have stated that they do not want to split the player base even more with separate worlds
  2. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    Here is my dilemma: I am currently the target of several powerful groups and people. Every time I log in, within the hour I see at least 3 people come by my base in diamond almost certainly looking to kill me. People are now starting to make massive, hideous pillars right outside my territory, and I can't do a single thing, because the moment i step outside, I get mobbed by multiple people. Before I was talking impersonally, as someone who just wanted to see the community of a whole be fun but now I'm speaking soley for my own sake. Do something so I can leave my home in peace. I have to play in a literal constant state of fear that someone is going to kill me and steal my shit anytime I do anything.
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  3. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    Why dont you just go outside and suicide a lot until they get bored? Also, people like killing you now more than ever because you make giant stories about it like this. People get off on that feeling that theyre annoying or inconveniencing a player. Minecraft (in Online-Survival) is just like that, its generally a toxic game.
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  4. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    I wanted to contact you about this situation Silent, however you've ignored me in-game.

    If you wish to get help for this issue that could be spawnkilling or griefing you should unignore me or let another staff member know ASAP
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  5. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    Um, I haven't ignored anyone? Are you sure you didn't ignore me by mistake?

    Edit: I don't even know the command to ignore people, but I'm guessing it's just a simple /ignore
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  6. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    Because if your solution to each time someone decides to harass someone else is for the person being harassed to kill themselves, I don't want to listen to anything you have to say.
  7. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    Works for me, sorry man. Just trying to come up with solutions to your problems.
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  8. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    PVP is garbage in minecraft. The main goal of this game is to build stuff. I just want to build things kill monsters explore mineshaft and share my creation with others while competing in different ways. I want to be able to toggle pvp off or be immune in my claim like when I first joined. That was perfect and I don't like that it changed because of a vocal minorities who is killing everyone on the server now.
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  9. Mr Butters

    Mr Butters For a few to be immortal, many must die. VIP

    Currently I see this as a 50/50 decision.

    personally I dont go around attacking people and I like that it's PvP, I dont know how you guys have such problems, perhaps you guys are pissing off the wrong people somehow, I am never killed and consistently running around doing stuff, half the time im just cutting wood in 1 spot, if people are repetitively killing you because they know they will get a rise out of you, 3 solutions, first contact staff as camping people is considered griefing if im not wrong and those players will be dealt with, secondly stop getting upset if they know it doesn't affect you they dont bother and thirdly just move might be a pain in the ass but I mean, possibly have a discussion with Disruptionz asking him to cut and paste your base else where replacing the old location with nothing how that biome was when you got there. (this would be a circumstantial option provided to those who have built ALOT of stuff and are continually griefed.) (1 house is not alot. unless its made from emerald.)
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  10. The Law

    The Law You fought the law and the law won. VIP Silver Emerald

    You've got some bad neighbours. I think you should move.
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