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Discussion in 'Deathrun Suggestions' started by Tinbuster00, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Tinbuster00

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    Right now when you claim traps nothing visual happens. Could easily be because it isn't done yet

    It'd be nice if in chat there's a "Chat claimed" message and then when you move too far away it says something like "Trap no longer claimed", bit like there's that littler notification in chat when you switch you're disguiser on and off in TTT.
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  2. Arcanius

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    no, i took your traps for a reason, no salt pls
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  3. LeBlonde James

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    Despite that I find it a good idea, I feel like people would claim every trap and they suck at being Death.
  4. DocFox

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    That's why no trap hoarding will probably be a rule.
  5. Well, once you move away from the trap it becomes unclaimed. This was working fine yesterday, dunno what caused it to break.

    I'll let Highwon know ASAP