Christmas Event 2020

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  1. danstorm

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    Happy Holidays @everyone!
    santa dasntorm is back, and he's maaad- I mean, I'm back in town to give out some presents to the community.
    Unfortunately, I am under budget this year, because of the ongoing pandemic, so I won't be able to give away ranks this year.
    But budget santa danstorm has thought of a way to give a little something to the community without spending money, so I made all 3 snowflake skins, with the help of my santa buddy @Xerp and we hope you like them!

    Highwon has failed to mention that all 3 snowflake skins and the ak skin come with a fancy little charm. The ak skin has a little snowman, while all 3 snowflake skins have a Christmas tree.

    (I have just now been told that the charms will be added only after the event, most likely during February update, so ignore the charms for now, just know they can be a part of your gameplay in the future)

    Here is a POV of someone with some of the skins
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  2. dazza

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    no icendiary this year? shame :( also ice flare should use the same blue fire as the icendiary - you are welcome feel free to recruit me as advisor
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  3. Xerp

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    million dollar idea
  4. Vdat1™

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    alright im out, remind me to play in 4 more days
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  5. Wubby

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    Woah this looks awesome
  6. Panduh

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    I have 0 points, help
    i only have vip, help
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  7. Jabba the Slut

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    I advocated for the Icendiary a LOT, there just wasn't time to fix Opal's code for it I guess. The Flare Gun however has a different way of igniting and it wasn't possible for us to change the color of its flames.
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  8. Merrily spooky adult

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  9. Virunas

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    Might actually play again.
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  10. there are none, for some reason.
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  11. Carl

    Carl Kachow! VIP

    Woah, highwon anti semitic?
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  12. a CrAzY gObLiN

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    think he might like that joke more than @Femboy Gaming 420's joke that got him demoted
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  13. This is a lolzers zinger right here. Rating this one a thumbs up!
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