Christmas Event 2015

Discussion in 'News' started by Highwon, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Carned

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    Could you translate that out of tumblrshit?

    Excellent update Highwon.
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  2. Alisae

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    You just HAD to remind the people who weren't there for the anniversary ;_;

    In all seriousness, the Deagle looks epic and 2000 points is pretty fair because even people who don't play much should easily be able to get that amount.
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  3. Falcor

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    wait I just woke up so maybe i'm dumb....

    Double Points ? yes? no?
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  4. Turquoise

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    Aaand my Elite runs out on the 16th so no golden deagle. >:~{
  5. Viral

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    Nice! Gun game looks Amazing!
  6. Chai

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    The Midas touch.
  7. Red

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    >mfw Elite expires on Dec 18
  8. Dang now is when I need Elite >;(
  9. Stylarr

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    what maps? :3
  10. Gonna add this to my list of implemented suggestions!
  11. Alpha Wolfy

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    Rest in piece all the members who aren't gonna be vip+, elite or legendary during those days.
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  12. Rose♥

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    Just gotta win a giveaway, rng pls
  13. To even consider that I use tumblr is a microagression towards me.

    But in response to your question a microagression is "the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership." Source: Psychology Today

    Essentially I was saying that this could be offensive to those who do not celebrate Christmas and other holidays should be recognized or the event should not directly refer to this event as a Christmas event. It should ideally be called "Festive Event" or something along those lines.
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  14. Darktooth

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    Celebrating a holiday shouldn't be offensive to people who don't celebrate. If anyone were to be personally offended over the fact that we decided on celebrating Christmas specifically, which is one of the more common holidays to celebrate on video games, then they need to get thicker skin.

    We're not giving any reason for someone to be offended.
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  15. Robokiller87

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    Gonna enjoy that deagle skin tho.

    Hopefully the Gun Game pans out before then. Crashtastic at this point.
  16. Carned

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    So yes, tumblrshite people diagnosing bullshit that doesn't exist. Thanks
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  17. Deckard

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    Can there not be any arguments please? I swear to god I'm tired of 2015 being the year of waking up every morning and first thing that comes to mind is "What are we offended by today?"
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  18. Chastity4lyfe

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  19. Darth West

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    You are really triggering me right now, which is a trigger on itself since I get triggered by guns, which also have triggers. Whenever people think that literally everything in the world is to please them and put them in a bubble of comfort also makes me triggered. You are committing a microaggression by insisting that Christmas is offensive, which offends me and brings my otherkin friends daily grief. Lastly I would like to note that the world "Festive" particularly offends me as my great grandfather was killed during a feast.

    Just in case the above is a joke and microaggression theory is bullcrap.

    P.s I cannot wait for the golden deagle :hype:
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  20. SilenŦ RebeŁ

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    Basically Its when i get sad because everyone is talking about this "Christmas" and I'm in my back yard sacrificing goats to lucifer thinking (like a normal person does during the holidays) "what the fuck is a christ-mas?"
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