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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Canceled Fish, Jul 12, 2019.

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    Canceled Fish
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    I never harassed anyone. Boulja claimed I mass RDMd which never happened. The "proof" he showed doesn't have any proof that I actually RDMed, let alone mass RDMed.

    Two of the "RDMs" had nothing to do with Boulja. One of these was for sure crossfire, as admitted by Boulja during the initial report, and the other being my KOS against another person, which was never once commented upon by anyone. A KOS against another person means that I have to press my middle mouse button, which I wouldn't do randomly and would have had an obvious reason to do if I were in the middle of a gunfight, as shown by the logs from my report.

    So that's already 2/4 RDMs solved, unless you want to count it as 3/4 by saying that it can't be considered crossfire, then let's address the Boulja RDMs...

    The logs show no evidence at all that I actually RDM'd Boulja. The evidence didn't show if I'd shot first or not, if any KOSes were called before I did that, or if I'd taken damage. There are very many factors that are involved in this and showing one screenshot on the logs isn't going to prove anything. When you consider that Boulja was RDMing me as well, how are you going to take his side of things and say I was RDMing and he tooootally wasn't?

    You can clearly see in his report that Boulja was ACTIVELY participating in "revenge RDM" and RDM in general, so to assume that I started it and that my kills were actually RDM instead of retaliation against RDMing t-acts by Boulja is not fair at all.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    Since the Mass RDM ban pretty much relies on whether or not I was RDMing Boulja, I feel that I am innocent in the fact that the logs do not show true evidence of my intent, given that the kills were taken place 45+ seconds into the rounds (when you add the setup timer), and in 45+ seconds, there are many different scenarios that can occur that could possibly result in my committing the acts that I did.

    When you consider the actions of Boulja before this incident (and after), it is apparent that the logs do not show that I definitely RDMed and should thus be considered not valid. Just a picture of logs showing that I damaged someone is not enough to be considered mass RDM.

    2 of my kills in this report should have been considered crossfire/t-baiting anyway, which would make it not even mass RDM.

    I tried messaging Elvis and I feel that given my recent history, this ban is not fair since I don't RDM or anything like that anymore and it is pretty much ridiculous for me to get a ban like this but for Boulja not to get a ban for the way he handled the situation.​
  2. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. VIP

    Ive seen this and will respond tomorrow
  3. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. VIP

    I just got home. Give me time to write responses for both the report, and the appeal.
  4. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. VIP

    As I said, everything I wrote on the report against me will directly be the same for the appeal here.

    Appeal: Denied
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