Denied Canceled Fish's Appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Canceled Fish, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Your In Game Nickname:
    Canceled Fish
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Why you should be unbanned:
    I'm pretty sure I waited until map change to leave because I had work or class.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I wouldn't just leave a game knowing that I have a slay or report because I know it'd just be annoying to have to appeal.​
  2. Rauno

    Rauno   VIP

    @Temar banned you for RDM and leave.
  3. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    You had 2 pending report if I remember right
    1 from earlier in the round in which you killed someone for calling out 2 innos
    After checking logs the logs showed he called out 2 traitors
    The 2nd report was round 6 were you killed someone for no reason and gave no reason in your response
    I have get screenshots etc later as needed
  4. Yeah, but I left during map change which means I shouldn't have been banned for RDM and leave right? I had somewhere to be. And the guy I killed for calling two people out called out and innocent because when I looked at the scoreboard, the name wasn't in red.
  5. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    Map change makes no difference
    If you RDM then leave you will get banned regardless of if map changes or not
  6. And one of the guys he called a traitor was still alive when I killed him and he had called a counter KOS iirc
  7. That's bullshit, there are a multitude of reasons why leaving during a map change shouldn't and isn't a reason to ban for rdm and leave. I've never been banned for RDM and leave while leaving on a map change. Like I said, I had work or class. Give me the timestamp and maybe I can give you proof.
  8. The point is for me to get a punishment in the form of slays. I didn't RDM and leave before getting the reports, but do you want me to just afk and leave my computer while I get two slays on rounds that I'm not even there for? Or take the slays when I get back from class and am actually playing?
  9. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    RDM and leave is issues if you leave after you RDM until you slays are complete, it doesnt matter you if you reports or not or if its pending report or slays
    a map change makes no difference, there has never been an exception for leaving during a map change

    in regards to your comment about 1 player still being alive, this is still RDM, because you didnt know the guy was inno (which he wasnt)
  10. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    oh and your ban was issued 09/02/17 12:07AM GMT
  11. I said he was counter-kos'd as in the guy says "that's a false kos, kos whoever called that kos.." this would make it not rdm. If it was 8, I must have just gotten bored and got off. In my experience in the past, I have never been banned for leaving during map change and I've never seen anyone leave during a map change lol. How do you know if I didn't have the map or not or what if there was a connection problem?
  12. Like I already said, the map change disconnects everyone from the servers already. How are you allowed to ban me for not rejoining the server?
  13. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    you have also not explained this report

  14. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    and you don't disconnect on a map change, the map changes and you load the dif map you are still connected the entire time
  15. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    and this is the other report were you clearly state its because he called KOS on 2 inno's

  16. No, it disconnects you and you reconnect to the new map. When you join before others you can see the message "___________ is joining." I don't remember why I killed the other guy. He could have been T-baiting, you haven't really given me any context. When someone reports me and says "thinks he's funny" how am I supposed to remember what happened if a whole round has passed? I probably thought he was reporting me because I was joking and everyone was telling me to shut up in chat. As for the other report, my response is why did you call the 2 koses because that's what he did? He called a kos and the other guy says it's a false kos, that's why I asked lol. I didn't know the other guy wasn't innocent because he was still alive. Can't you just void the ban and let me serve the slays? I don't remember the rules saying I have to join the server again to serve my slays.
  17. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    No it doesnt disconnect, yes there maybe join messages as you load into new map, but your still connect, still have the same userid (which changed on reconnect)
    someone saying its a false kos is not a kos, they have to specifically tell you the other guy is Kos, or when you know for fact they are inno you can then kill for false kos as you know he kos'd an inno
    as for the last round kill, there is no context you killed him , thats pretty much it
  18. Please read what I say and both of us will not have to repeat ourselves over and over.

  19. Hongo

    Hongo VIP

    hahaha fish got banned
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