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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Canceled Fish, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. Your In Game Nickname:
    Canceled Fish
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:

    Why you should be unbanned:
    Don't know why I was banned.
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I was probably banned after I left the server and a mod or admin looked through old logs and decided to ban me instead of finding out what happened or something. Wouldn't surprise me since it's happened about 12 different times.​
  2. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    Hello @Canceled Fish, you were banned by @Brahma for RDM and Leave 3rd, which was globalized and extended by me. I'll wait for his response on this so we can determine the next steps that are in order. Please patiently wait for his reply, thank you.
  3. I will patiently wait for his response. While you're here, however, may I have a reason as to why the ban was globalized and extended? I see that you put "history and toxicity" but I see no evidence of toxicity in my game play and any time I have brought that up with previous mods or admins, they fail to present any evidence. I'm not exactly sure why you see the need for me to have a 6 week global ban for what is apparently my third "RDM and leave" in the last few months. Especially so since I don't normally play with you or see you in any of the servers that I normally play on, so I'm not sure how you came up with that conclusion aside from the possibility that maybe you just listened to other admins who are obviously biased and didn't make any judgement based on your own experience. Thank you.
  4. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    yea yea warn for posting where not involved.
  5. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    The reason your ban was globalized and extended is basically because of your long history of harassment, spam and general toxicity wherein despite being penalized multiple times before, you have not changed at all.
  6. Okay, well just like I said, that has been said before and there has been no presentation of evidence that backs up your statement. I find it extremely hard to believe that in the last week, I've broken any offenses, let alone enough to add another 2 weeks onto my ban and globalizing it. Last week I was falsely banned for RDM and leave and that was only for 4 weeks. So what have I done in the last week that constitutes an even larger ban? Surely, it has to be more than the "RDM and leave" because something as simple as that is definitely not behavior that can be considered harassment or toxicity. I've definitely said "funny" And "crude" things in chat or on chatbox, but I always quit doing everything after being warned once.

    Like I said, I find this hard to believe that I deserve this globalization and extension considering that just last week (even though it was a false ban) I was only banned for 4 weeks, instead of 6, and I haven't done anything that should result in you taking this action. Unfortunately, it looks like unfair admin privilege and it looks like you're being biased, especially for reasons already previously mentioned, but not only that, but you are blatantly lying about me being toxic when I haven't done anything recently on the servers to be considered toxic.

    I understand I have had some altercations with previous mods and admins but, despite this, I always get along with people in the game and if I ever do anything that bothers someone enough to the point where they feel the need to comment on it, I will stop. Your claim that I have a "long history of toxicity" is only backed by anecdotal bullshit (excuse my language) and your unfair, biased opinion against me.

    I would love an explanation for how I'm toxic in my games. Especially in the last month or so, considering what I said about being banned last week and it only being for 4 weeks. I would love a personal anecdote as well, although this isn't a very valid point and not a good argument on your part, I'd still like to hear your opinion on my game play since I want to see what you think of me, considering I hardly ever play with you in my games.

    More than that, please supply some evidence (BESIDES the equally as biased, guilty-before-innocent shit you have done before where you claim I'm being toxic because I have several karma bans. If you'd like video footage of my last karma ban, I can surely dig that up and show how I didn't RDM to get that karma ban.)

    Altogether, I find it hard to believe that the globalization and extension was justified. On what grounds have I been toxic, especially recently? Is it because I cuss a lot, which isn't against the rules? Because I use my mic quite often? I paid for VIP and I got a mic extension, which I'm allowed to use as long if i don't spam. I know it's not me RDMing or anything being counted as the toxicity, because this is my third "RDM and leave" since November.

    There's no target harassment or anything like that on my part, nothing that I do that isn't done more than just in jest and although it seems that you guys have a skewed sense of humor and don't agree with my humor, that doesn't necessitate a 6 week globally extended ban.

    Please provide ample evidence of what I have done to deserve this ban, which is significantly longer than my last "RDM and leave 3rd" ban, which was just a week ago.
  7. The only ban for micspam/contributing to toxicity was not too long ago and I didn't fight the ban or anything. However, that was definitely a case that isn't normal (although I didn't see what evidence was had). I have hardly been gagged recently for anything at all other than talking loudly, which can be excused by my hearing loss and will stop if I'm warned.
  8. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus Best Member VIP Bronze

    "+History" is overstated and overused. He most likely saw the notes and the 150 gags in your adminstats and used that as a basis for the discretionary global ban. Here's to hoping the mildly abusive global ban lengths come to an end.
  9. I think you are 100% right on this. If I actually ever played with Solar, it might be different, but I really don't. It's such a bummer that the owners and higher-ups continue to let this relatively new "fad" of admins saying "History and Toxicity" without providing evidence, or providing very weak evidence that is probably taken out of context. At this point, what used to be a great, enjoyable server has been taken over by admins who are clearly biased and have an obvious problem of using their admin "privileges" abusively and, in general, acting as if they are better than others because of their rank.

    Of course I'll have some karma bans and gags after being on this server for like 3 years. That's only common sense for that to eventually happen sometimes. I'd love for the admins to quit being so abusive and biased towards me (which is clear as day compared to how other regulars act towards me, which is usually in a friendly tone). It's a kick in the gut to be called toxic and say that you have a history, when there is absolutely no evidence besides what you said about the vague and ambiguous notes and adminstats, especially after you do your best not to break those rules anymore.
  10. acx100

    acx100 VIP

    Canceled Fish is toxic, whenever i play with him hes always mic spamming, and generally being toxic.
  11. AspiringSun, I have only been in a server with you a handful of times and I can say with complete certainty that you only have a grudge against me because I reported you for false KOSing me after you THOUGHT that I was false KOSing you, which I wasn't, and you were banned for it. I love how you described my toxicity though lol. "[He is toxic. Whenever I play with him, he's generally toxic.]"
  12. Doben

    Doben Party Monster VIP

    I'll lock this until the time they can respond.
  13. Brahma

    Brahma Homecoming. VIP Silver

    You should already know why "Toxic + history" means for you considering the way how you like to play on our servers. I don't ever play on the same server as you, but after all the evidence from other ban appeals/reports including you show how your playstyle is unwanted on our servers. From contributing micspam to intentionally shooting towards players just so they can shoot at you and then have a reason to kill someone. For this instance, you shown that you did this intentionally and thought you can get away with when I played with you.

    On 67thway, you joined East 2 and the first thing you did was starting shooting towards a player named Tetrium. I have a whole video of the whole round you played including a death scene showing you shooting another player named Brahhbaconhawk for absolutely no reason. The player screamed into the mic as to why you were shooting her and you just laughed about it.

    0:04 beginning of your style of gameplay (while I did capture the DS on this video, after the video was saved I checked and it showed you shooting towards the player to get them to retaliate that way you would have a legit reason to kill someone.)

    0:45 You are chuckling when you die I don't know why until Brahhbaconhawk started asking why you randomly shot her. You laughed even harder about it making me think you did something to upset her.

    1:00 is where I show the deathscene in 2 different angles, Brahhbaconhawk was sitting inside of the party room, you decided to go inside, and as soon you saw her, you shot her and damaged her for literally no reason and attempted to get away. You failed, but in the end you left the server before I can even ask why you shot damaged her. This is what I find you did this intentional because you were attempting to T bait her to have another reason to kill a player, but instead damaged her in the process which resulted your death. After you laughed about it, you left the server in which I deemed your gameplay toxic, banned you for RDM and Leave, and asked for a global.

    1:14 is another shot of the deathscene in which shows you shot first. The chat also shows you leaving before I can do anything about it.

    Here is the screenshot of the damage logs showing you shooting first and damaging her first before your death.

    I still wanna know as to why you did this?
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  14. That's not RDM and leave. Sure, I walked in and shot ONE SINGLE BULLET and walk away lol. Sure, that's traitor baiting and you're allowed to kill for that, but that's NOT RDM or attempted RDM. That's not even toxic gameplay, this is ONE incident! You didn't even show footage for the other scenario, where I shot and Tetrium attempted to kill me. T-baiting isn't against the rules. And yeah, I laughed because it was funny. I walked in, shot one shot, and you can clearly see her overreact and she even lets out an audible groan and acted as if I completely inconvenienced her day by shooting once, even though she killed me. Someone else in the server even mocks her for it because it was such a childish outburst. That's what I was laughing at, not laughing maniacally like some idiot because I was t-baiting. You guys really do a good job at looking at every single thing to find something to cry about.

    Wrong, and you should fix this. If you're going to ban someone for RDM and leave, at least know what you're looking at. You can clearly see in your death cam video AND in the logs that I didn't shoot Brahh at ALL until she shot at me with a shotgun (which hit, you can see the blood, but it didn't register). Only then did I turn around and shoot her with a tommy gun for it, AFTER she shot at me. Sure, it's T-baiting, but I am clearly walking away before she reacts and I only turn to shoot her for shooting me in the ass with a shotgun. This isn't me trying to loophole my way around a kill as you can obviously see me trying to leave before I retaliate against her shooting at me. I left because I knew it wasn't RDM, considering I didn't do any damage to her until after she shot at me. You should definitely double check that yourself before banning others.

    The only damage I did to her was with a Tommy Gun. It says so right there in the console. Not the colt, which is clearly the gun I T-baited with in the video.

    I see a reason for you to accept this appeal solely because of the fact that this was NOT RDM and leave. At the very most, it was one instance of T-baiting and you are trying to pass it as RDM so that you can ban me and tag along multiple offenses that I have gotten in the past for no good reason.

    *this quote of his has been edited out for whatever reason, but I will still leave this up* At this point, you're only making yourself and other admins look bad when you say this. I have asked multiple times for proof of this "history and toxicity" which everyone I have asked has failed to present to me. Like I said, I am well known, well liked, and well respected on the servers by most. Simply because my record shows some karma bans and gags does not prove that I am toxic at all. I would actually argue against the fact that I'm toxic, considering (like I've said before) that this is my 3rd offense since November.

    All in all, this wasn't RDM (as clearly shown in the video) and there is no proof for a history of "toxic gameplay." This is something that has RECENTLY been put on a lot of reports and, to be honest, it's quite obnoxious and annoying and shows how little you actually pay attention to what happens in the servers aside from ban appeals and ban reports. Me posting several ban appeals is NO proof for toxicity, which is what you said. Several of those ban appeals have been accepted, even if I had to private message a higher-up, and those bans were voided, which means you shouldn't bring that part of the past up.

    Please provide evidence of my "toxicity" and evidence that I RDM'd, because from what is shown in this video, the worst offense I made was traitor-baiting. Traitor-baiting is not against the rules and this is not target harassment or anything because this happened one time to one person.
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  15. This right here gives me all I need for your input on the "history + toxicity." You are admitting that you are going off of nothing except the karma bans/forum posts, which show nothing of my behavior (unless you can show one that has video evidence or some kind of proof, I suppose). You, like Solar, don't ever play with me and, as such, do not know my playstyle at all. This cannot be judged by simply looking at karma bans, ban appeals, or reports (of which I have none that I can recall. At least any recently). By admitting that you don't play with me, you are basically telling me that you are basing your judgement off what others admins are saying (I said this earlier, seems to be true), and your own biased judgement by looking at my paper trail on the forums (something that PanzerShrimp brought up). Until I can get some actual evidence for my "toxic" behavior, I don't think it should be allowed for you to simply call me toxic because I have made an appeal or been gagged/karma banned.
  16. What was I supposed to do about this? She obviously couldn't hear my because I was dead and I am not going to PM her and explain why I shot at her. I didn't know laughing was against the rules!

    Again, the only evidence of micspam that you have is my one week ban from Agent A for micspam that I got not too long ago, which I have already addressed. One time is not enough to accurately describe someone's gameplay and behavior. You've certainly gotten karma banned or RDM'd before. I don't go around saying you're a toxic player and shouldn't be on the server just because you broke a rule one time. I may accidentally mic spam, but if I'm gagged, I stop because I know what the line is at that point. This is the opposite of toxic behavior because at this point, I'm obviously cooperating with the people on the server to make it a better experience. As for me intentionally shooting players so I have a reason to kill someone, this is not true. T-baiting is KOSable, but just because I shoot my doesn't mean that my ulterior motives are ALWAYS to shoot in the hopes that I get to kill an innocent and get away with murder. Usually, if I do anything like this, it's to see who the traitors are because you can easily tell who is a traitor by how they react when you shoot next to them.

    Again, t-baiting is not against the rules and since you only have this one clip of me t-baiting and then shooting the person for shooting back, I can't agree that this is toxic behavior and worthy of a 6-week ban.
  17. Opalium

    Opalium Stay Awesome Banned VIP Silver

    Hello Canceled Fish.

    Brahma contacted me to go over this appeal for him so I can check whether or not he was correct. After reviewing the situation and the evidence, it appears Brahma misunderstood the situation and was incorrect in punishing you. T-Baiting, while considered traitorous, is not against our rule and is a valid tactic. Therefore, the ban is invalid and I will be unbanning you shortly.

    However, I do wish to address something you brought up in your appeal, even though it will not affect the outcome of it. Solar extended your ban based on your history in our servers, which you claim is based on "anecdotal bullshit" and "unfair, biased opinion". However, the facts prove otherwise.
    You have close to 30 bans on our servers, excluding this one, starting from July 2015. At least 7 of them are related to toxic gameplay and behavior (harassment, ghosting, mic spamming, etc), as well as loads of Karma bans and a bunch of RDM and Leave bans. Not only that, but you also have a large amount notes on your file by staff members which mention how extremely toxic your behavior is, much more severe than the notes I usually see on player's files.
    What I'm trying to say here is that you trying to portrait yourself as harmless is simply ridiculous. You know very well how our servers work and what is our policy towards toxicity, considering you have almost 600 hours of playtime and have been playing here since the end of 2014. That's over two years. Combine this with your history, the comments of staff members, and the general attitude you show in our servers, and it's clear as day how harmless you really are.
    Not only this, but the way you express yourself in the appeal, ranging from being passive-aggressive to directly attacking our staff members. While you are free to complain and question their decisions, there is a way to do that, and you are far from it to say the least. This only further proves the point I am trying to make here.
    Your attitude and behavior to others is something we do not welcome in our servers, and continuing like this will only make you pull additional fire towards you. I strongly suggest you to try and rethink your actions to avoid further punishments and inconvenience to both you and our staff members, because right now you are almost asking for it.

    Appeal accepted.

    Thank you for your time.
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