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    I almost forgot- @-Vader- since you seem to like puzzles so much...I have left one for you. XD You're gonna need Racerboy, FatMonkey and Marshal's help for this one. There's an awesome prize for the four of you at the end.
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  2. Maro Lupus

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    noooooooooooo chip D: Take care bud, I hope to see you back someday!
  3. A Salt Ed

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    farewell fellow pun brethren, spread the love and joy of puns everywhere you go
    be the good ol ssCHIP off the old block
  4. Pacifist

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    Aw man that sucks. We'll see you around hopefully :(
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  5. Bad Adult

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    Dude my mom and dad are both leaving this sucks
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  6. LBPotatoes

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    You are nice.
  7. Dadly25

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  9. SavannahBanana

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    if you die on me

    ill murder you

    :cry: <3
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  10. Adlactor Nell

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    NOOOO you and pale still didnt complete the marriage :(
  11. sschipres

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    Yeah sorry, organ failure is stinky. Somehow- it's stinkier than you :coffee:
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  12. sschipres

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    I hope you get peppered with storms! :angelic:
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  13. sschipres

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  14. Voca

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    Take care out there and dont be a stranger alright?
  15. sschipres

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  17. sschipres

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    hush my son, we'll be together soon- in hell.
  18. sschipres

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    jk my son,
    stay in drugs, dont do school.
  19. Bad Adult

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    good advice
  20. A Salt Ed

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    While you're down there, please torture my ex with puns and then say she finna be dethroned in a few yrs
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