[Bug] Pointshop Point's Reset

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by NootNootEh, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. NootNootEh

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    Server? TTT East #1

    Time? 3:14 am (Eastern Timezone)

    Bug? So I noticed after a map change when I went to check my pointshop points to see how much closer I was to the next upgrade I've been saving for, I noticed that the number was 0 and I was confused as to why I would have 0... when I had over 1k points if I am not mistaken and now I have none.

    So I rejoiend the server thinking it might be a bug that I am experiencing so I rejoined and saw I still didn't have the points, I continued playing so I would get points from being on and I noticed the number didn't update to my orignal one and I had around 50 points, I rejoined again to see if it would maybe work but yet again when I checked after rejoinning I had 0 points in total.

    I tried this out numerous times and in the end it seems that everytime I gain points then leave or map changes or I rejoin, my points get wiped :|
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  2. Alias

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    I've been having this same issue every map change my points are going back to zero.