buff shitty guns

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Chad, Jul 15, 2020.

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  4. This is by far the stupidest justification of keeping over half the in-game weapons useless I've ever heard. A majority of playstyles in TTT are not accounted for because players are forced to use 1 of 6 out of over 30+ guns in order to get anywhere. It's not "don't use the gun", it's "let's take a look and see how we can make the other weapons fairer".

    Right now, and as always before Opalium's balance The AK, M16, Deagle and Shotgun are the only weapons that are viable in combat. That's just in vanilla. There are other weapons that do little to no damage, aim like shit or just don't register as well and that isn't fair on those of us that paid (and didn't) to use other weapons due to us liking them. Making them intentionally harder to use isn't a fair trade off. Why can't I use an MP5 as a quick killer in a closed space then toss it? Why can I not use a P228 to finish off an opponent with body shots? Why can't I use any of the modded equivalents to the same degree without having to bust my balls and hope the person with an AK doesn't get two shots in to my five in order to win in combat?

    You'd have to be insane to admit that the only positive outcome is "I USED BAD GUN TO KILL YOU HAHA" and not "wew my trusty weapon stood a chance"
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    I don't know where you got that from. I clearly presented more than just that and you purposely ignored everything else.

    I also don't know why THIS is an argument. Like... really? This is some selective thinking of you isolating the one and only good pistol, the Deagle, and comparing it to other pistols as a way to see if all other pistols are godlike. Secondaries are, as the name suggests, not the weapon you should be mainly using. It's not because we have a 1-hit headshot pistol available that can still do a lot of body damage that all other pistols should be near it. Each pistol is different in its own way, they don't need to be all hand cannons.

    My main loadout is HUGE + Glock. The Glock is a pretty good pistol for finishing people off and its ammo is very common. Before that, I used the Five-Seven (or just named Pistol) and it also did its job. I wasn't trying to get 6+ kills using only it exclusively, I was trying to finish people off and for the most part, trying to take the attention of others from far away. I haven't tried the P228, but based on the fact that stat-wise it's just the Five-Seven but with 8 fewer bullets, I can probably deduce that I'd have the same experience except I'd have less bullets to work with.

    Look, I learned how to use the HUGE because I like using the most trashy character/equipment in every game I play and it turned out to be a good weapon within its own limits. It forced me to learn other ways to play the game to adapt to the weapon. If I were to use the MP5, I'd do the same. I'd learn how it works, where it works and I'd adapt my gameplay to be able to use the weapon better. That's what I mean with "bad guns are a part of learning how to play", and I can say that because I forced myself through it.

    The bad guns are made to be weak and using them forces you to change how you play. You're not supposed to take the FAMAS or MP5 and go on a melt streak like you'd do with the AK. I'd say the bad weapons are made for more careful play because they are so weak. The AK promotes careless kill chains because it's so strong, you might as well not need to hide that you're a traitor. You can just shoot everyone up and you'll get an easy win.

    Also, sure, the great majority of people want to use only good weapons, which is only fair. I'm just saying the bad weapons don't need a buff because they promote less common play styles.
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    i agree we need bad guns but like the amount of shit guns outweigh the amount of good guns and it shuts down a lot of variety. its fine that the huge is mediocre, but its not fine that pretty much half the weapon roster is bad
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  7. If you look closely I said "finishing off an opponent" not outright killing someone. I'm not comparing all pistols to the deagle, but often times they pale in comparison to it. Pistol, deagle and glock. Those are the pistols we have in our meta and the others barely get a look-in. That is what I am saying. The P228 was touted as a weapon that had weak headshot damage but does great body shot damage.

    Then what are you even arguing about if you've never used the P228? I have and it's awful at both body and head-shot damage. Its accuracy and range are even poorer. The point isn't to have weapons be harder just so you use them better, the point is to have the weapon be effective enough to maximise your play-style. The HUGE, I'm not going to argue about. It's intentionally weak, loud and inaccurate because it's a meme weapon. It isn't supposed to be high murder. The Pistol (FiveSeven) is an all-rounder, great head-shot damage and even better body-shot damage. It's a middle of the road weapon. Deagle for head-shots, Glock for rapid fire, pistols for all-rounders and P228 for body. That is the meta of vanilla.

    The modded weapons are even poorer. Only the Colt is viable. The Sig Sauer? Tec-9? Awful to use.

    Everyone knows how to use the HUGE. EVERYBODY. That's because it forces you to be careful when using it. It is fair to argue this for many other weapons but there is no clear meta on the other weapons to the point where I can say, "hey I know what situation to use this gun in and I'll be punished if I try to do otherwise." How do you use the Sig Sauer? It fires rapidly, has heavy recoil and awful range. It's nothing like the Glock which can be used to double tap. What about the Tec-9? These weapons are nonviable. That is what I am saying. Bad guns didn't teach you how to play, they taught you how to put up with less.

    What? The MP5 is a close-range weapon with rapid fire rate and so is the FAMAS. That's exactly what they're for. They burn through ammo so quickly that you can pick off 1-2 opponents in an enclosed space then find a new weapon to use when you're finished. The point of having a strategy and being tactical is having a RANGE of weapons that are viable for some situations and useless in others, so you pick your movement and tailor it to your play-style. The AK has great damage but high recoil and its range is only medium, meaning you can use it to clear a room as needed. It's weak against snipers and on-par against shotguns. That is the point of which. Speaking of which, have you tried the modding shotguns? The Barrett M28 is heavy and supposed to do high damage with a slow fire rate but doesn't 1-hit kill on headshots. The M24 is supposed to be a great weapon for long range but terrible up close. Both of those weapons do not kill effectively because of their weak damage. It isn't fair to give the spotlight to the AK for being a great weapon for killing players and then not give it an effective counter or equivalent.

    But that's what is wrong with the things you're saying. Less common play-styles should be accounted for too and EQUALLY rewarded just the same the spray and pray game-play style is. If I want to be a sniper, I should be able to use ALL of the snipers depending on how I want to kill my enemies. If I want to be up close and personal, I should be able to use ALL of the close range weapons. The same goes for the pistols. I'm not asking for all weapons to be modelled after the AK and Deagle, I'm asking for their respective use to be AS effective as it would if I wanted to be loud and quick.

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