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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Brighteverlasting, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. Your In Game Nickname:
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    West 2
    Why you should be unbanned:
    The mod who banned me did not read my mod post explaining the suspicions on the so-called "hacks"
    Evidence of Innocence:
    just scroll down and see my post....
    In none of the clips do i particularly look like im hacking, just shooting near the neck and head and moving left and right (reffering to almost every kill in the second clip) and in the first clip, i just took my aim and shot. No aimbots involved, and im not sure why anyone would believe that to be an aimbot.
    I would also like to mention that 2 clips of a few headshots isnt evidence. in pretty much every profession on earth you need a good amount of evidence, not two clips...​
  2. Darktooth

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  3. tz-

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    I fully agree with the ban, and I strongly believe that you should not be unbanned.
    As I mentioned in the other thread you cannot prove your claim of "5000 hours on CSS", just becuase you play osu! doesn't mean you snap to people's heads, and finally if you go to 1:04 on the video below and slow it down to 0.5 you can see the obvious snap and proof of aimbotting.

    @Angelx @Shadow6767 @ThatBox
  4. ShadowStorm

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    Hello there and thank you for making this appeal, I hope you have had a nice evening. You were indeed banned by me for your first offense of hacking.

    I had confirmed you were using aimbot hacks, and possible some others. I watched you for about 3 entire maps, and you continuously managed to get headshots, Even with the MP7. You literally locked/snapped on to players as well. Then a forum report appeared on you, showing very clear proof. Using this proof, and what I had seen and gathered, I had then banned you for hacking. I am unable to upload my own videos, due to it will take literally 10 hours to upload. However, it shows basically the same things as provided in the report evidence. The hacking was very clear, and you seemed to immediately stop after I asked you to see your reaction.


    I will be awaiting your response to plead this case.
  5. at 1:04 I dont see any evidence of a snap, i simply moved my mouse to the right. If you watch it closely, i start with my crosshair to the LEFT of his head, and then moved it to the right until i saw a hit marker and left it there. also, if you notice, when I see him near the bodies, which way is he facing? not at me. I had all the time in the world to make that shot, and so I simply took the shot. Also, on a side note, nice levi art. :]
  6. uhhh what shadow? when did you ask to see my reaction... also, i wont argue with your decision, but I believe that it is vary unfair of you to accuse me of hacking, when I wasnt, and that it wounds my pride that all the practice i have put in to become better at a game, has immediately turned against me, and resulted in a 1 month ban. The fact of the matter is, that I do not hack, nothing you can say or do will make me say otherwise, because I would be lying to say that I do. All I can say is that I am thoroughly dissapointed in the fact that you believe that I would stoop to such a low degree as to begin to hack, and that I hope that you realize your mistake, and remove the ban.
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  8. tz-

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    The reason you start to left of his head is called client-side/server-side lag, his model was in one area while his hitbox was in another area. Your crosshair was there because that's where his hitbox was.
    Don't try to come up with bullshit excuses with me bro, I've dealt with atleast 4 hackers a week for 7 months over my moderating career on a jailbreak server, I've seen my fair share of aimbotters and I know how they work.
  9. Ah yes that. I was in the process of testing a Propkill lua that i had created (very proud of that, although i have no need for it as all i did was record my mouse moments and therefore can replicate it without any assistance) and i thought to myself "hmm. whats the best way to test whether this works or whether it will crash me... again..." and so i got on the empty server to try it. theres the end result. I have since, uploaded the lua to youtubes and gotten a pretty nice amount of downloads on the link from it. i can upload it here so you can add that to the autoban list of luas if you want! (at least i can help in this regard, as i make luas in my free time and could help you weed out the REAL HACKERS)
  10. and sir, TeeZ, the hitbox isnt that big... it sticks to your skin you know............................ All i did was move my mouse left and im getting accused of hacking
  11. Pacifist

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    Can I just say: you just admitted to creating real hacks. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. ShadowStorm

    ShadowStorm Acting from the Shadows... VIP

    He does have a point. (Note: Pacifist is fine with posting here, he is the one who submitted the report and is a witness)

    Anyway, the link Event Horizon provided also shows you have been previously banned for hacking on other servers. This ban was also from today. Could you explain that?
  13. You know what? here are a few of the luas i have developed. feel free to add this to the autoban service, just to show that i am serious in the aspect that i would be fine with helping out the server, here is the propkill: * Removed by adminstrator * and here is an all-around hack i have been working on throughout the past few months. its still in development and will occasionally shit on hl.exe and crash it. (just a warning): * Removed by adminstrator *
    To address pacifist's point (im too lazy to make another post as i am currently uploading the various luas) yes, I am. But does that statement say that i use them? Making Luas for profit =/= using hacks
    To address shadow's point i finalized the propkill lua today on my own server, thats why i did my final test on the server. it was empty at the time
    If you feel like testing it out, just let me know and i can also drop the dll that executes the scripts.
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  14. and for those of you wondering why I would openly discuss or provide these, its for a few reasons. 1. this is a great server and hackers shouldnt be on it, and 2. Since all of you are putting me in such a bad light (and i dont necessarily blame you) I am just hoping that a bit of your faith would be restored if I helped the server out a bit. NOTE* I am not gonna be stopping development of either lua, ive put in too much time and effort for that, but i wont change the base coding on them, so it will always be detectable by the server. happy hunting
  15. ThatBox

    ThatBox Not this box, that one. VIP

    Please do not put up those links again.

    I also don't understand your point, as you have essentially admitted to hacking on our servers, correct?
  16. ShadowStorm

    ShadowStorm Acting from the Shadows... VIP

    It's hard to believe the server was empty. We are talking about an extremely popular community you were banned on. Thier servers are basically always crowded. Now, I may see you are dedicated to being unbanned, But why would you hack on our servers anyway to begin with? Hacking is a very serious offense, but have you admitted to hacking on our servers?
  17. Actually no, I have admitted to created scripts, but I do not use them. Never did i say that I hacked on your servers, simply saying that you should add these to your ban list.
  18. Again, it was actually 7 am east coast, so its not that hard to believe that it was empty. Also, as i stated above, i DID NOT use either of these on your servers, or any other scripts for that matter.
  19. Pacifist

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    I know this may sound a bit dumb... But East 2 was abandond this morning at 7:00. But the fact is, he still hacked...
  20. uhh...... the server i was banned on wasnt one of ours, it was 1942 RP
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