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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Breed The Love, Mar 27, 2014.

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    I can't say why and plus why was it global ban? I only did it on east 2 and plus how many reports went onto me? I got like 2 that I knew of, that is not bannable, that is slayable and again I'd join in and take my slays due to no mods being on to slay me, this is why I posted to be a mod BECAUSE no mods are ever on when I play!

    And TBH I have no idea what I was banned for and why for 42 days. there were multiple times of people RDMing when no mods are on and I am the only one who gets fucking banned for it, I saw that Thorn was on and some more mods started to join and I was slain for my crimes, let me do my slay time and not be banned for 42 fucking days, and can I please get some evidence to back this ban up? If not unban me due lack of evidence. and including Commander Tequila he had no reason to report me for ghosting as yet Mr. Smiley had RDM'd x9 times! 4 or 5 of which were on me and then left (ban him not me) a long with the RDM yeah I rdm'd him I'd take the slay because I knew what he was about to do if I didn't drop the harpoon, it's what everyone else does to people (TRIGGER HAPPY) they shoot you down and lose KARMA now why would I let him kill me for a stupid harpoon ad then he get away with killing me when no mods are on. By the way, may I ask how many people were banned including me during this time? If just me that sounds fishy if it is just me.

    Mango we have been through this before, I will join in and take my slays rather than being banned for 42 days, and plus why was the ban global? I only did this on East 2. no need for that, no need.
    Evidence of Innocence:
    How am I supposed to give evidence of what happened 24 hours ago?

    All I can say in my defense, yes there were no mods on at the time, we were having fun (and who the fuck ever comes on here and says, "This is serious TTT there is no fun aloud" you can go fuck yourself because that's all TTT is really about.) Now from the looks of what happened there were only 2 reports that went onto me physically, and then that was it, no reports came onto me after those 2, I'll join, take my slays and go back to normal just what I did last time.

    But with commander the "Ghosting" part was bullshit as to we had to street justice a prop killer and RDM'er who killed a detective with a wheel as an inno "I was the Det. and he was inno" then after he RDM'd 10 or so times he left, was he ever banned, I'M NOT SURE.

    So if anything I do not think I should be banned globally let alone be banned, I WILL accept my slays to be unbanned (plus why global and why 42 days?)​
  2. Plus I've logged over 125 hours on these servers all counted in total, and why would I want to intentionally RDM only to get myself a global ban of 42 days? doesn't that seem stupid. please give me evidence if any as to why I should remain banned, if there was more than 2~3 RDM reports ok I'll take the day ban or if there was 2 I will join and take my slays for yesterday.

    Plus to add, when I left Thorn was on and I asked him "Thorn am I free to leave?" and he said "Well maybe we'd have to tie ya down... nah you're free to leave" so thus I took my leave. Then I came back on sometime after and played for a bit, wasn't slain during this time and then went AFK for about 2 hours eating and watching a TV show, then once I came back I took my leave again as to I did nothing during the time I was AFK with no reports on my head.

    I know this is about the night that no mods were and I was even trying to call mods over but none were on, I was getting sick and tired of the RDM so I started to RDM the RDM'ers. SO please tell me why street justice can't work when mods aren't on? eh? tell me, cause I think it is a good thing to get rid of RDM'ers and that is what we did.
  3. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    I want to direct you to this topic:

    As you can see, you were actually banned for ghosting. I added two weeks on it because you decided to not only ghost, but break other rules while no staff were online; we have a Report Player/Staff thread for a reason. Just because you call it "street justice" does not mean that it is justified by our rules.

    What you did was, in fact, ghosting. I'm not sure if you thought that it was okay, but breaking the rules just because someone else does it, is NEVER acceptable.

    During your ban, I suggest you consider the reasons why you shouldn't retaliate and break rules just because someone else did it. You are not foreign to the forums and know that we do have a report thread if you would like to report players that break the rules when we do not have staff online.

    The only person to blame for this ban, is yourself.

    Ban Appeal Denied.

    Topic will be locked upon your acknowledgement.
  4. Wow gonne deny me like that fast. WOW mango it was not ghosting I SAID "He was innocent and I wanted him killed it is not GHOSTING because I did not say anything game related that they do no know about.
  5. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Okay, so you told them that he was A) An innocent and B) Who killed you. How would they have know he killed you without you PMing them?
  6. I believe I was already found by the time I PM'd him, if not then I am sorry can't forgiveness be included on some shit or does everyone have to be obeyed by law, this ain't no fucking ABSOLUTE MONARCHY... and so yes I said he was inno and he RDM'd me but take into fact he has been RDMing for 2 maps already and we can't do anything but accept being RDMed by him? when no mods were on and none would have got on until 6 AM which someone finally did by 8AM Thorn did and nothing happened to SMILEY because he left and nothing to me because no reports were on me.

    so wow.. you've gotta be a bitch to follow a considered ghosting bullcrap that doesn't even classify as actual ghosting. I posted on the report to explain a lot of STUFF that went down. and I'm mad at the fact you denied me that fast when yet you don't want to deal with problems this late.

    Yes I know a mod and admins jobs are tough but if you can't take problems on head charge then please resign I would if I couldn't.
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  7. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Well, unfortunately, you have decided to neglect the fact that, even if someone did ID your body, you let them know that he killed you and that he was an innocent. You seem to feel that you weren't in the wrong, but I assure you, that you were.

    This job isn't stressful at all, aside from the occasional angry, disrespectful teenager, I literally save lives for a living; I'm pretty much as calm as a cucumber.

    Because you decided to continue your harassment via PM, you will now be banned from the forums. Hopefully you come back with a calmer attitude.

    Topic Locked.
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