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  1. Silly

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    Ok so, I am suggesting that using the levers that activate the nuke on Black Mesa should be kosable. This is basically the same thing as taking the keycard out of the vault/putting it in the machine to activate the nuke on the map nuclear power.

    Here are the levers:

    My reasoning is, if you use the correct code it will allow the nuke to be activated, which will kill everyone who is not indoors, and as of now you cannot kill someone for using the levers (that im aware of)
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  2. I'm pretty sure this was general knowledge. That rule was in place even with the previous iteration of the map.
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  3. Ashes Relandi

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    Hm it used to be part of the Map Specific Rules, section before but then it got removed so of course it also got cleared out...

    Though it requires 6 credits to activate the actual T-Trap.

    But yeah likely a clarification in the extended rules couldn't hurt.
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  4. I already said when I gave this map to Opal to put the lever switches as KOSable in the rules
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  5. Smor

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  6. Vent Xekart

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