Best TTT Rounds Thread

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Xproplayer, Mar 2, 2017.

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    Ah this brings me back to my peak days. I'm jealous of your ability to aim well on slopes, that always got me. I also like finding another person who has flicky aim like me. This game is probably a bit boring to you with the current weapon balance though, I was going to recommend an m14 or sl8 but that'd just be too easy. Also you /could/ step up your game with some good keybinds for buying items
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    @Scuffed Water
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    My current main game is rainbow six siege, so I can't use source engine things to train anymore.
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  5. Xproplayer

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    Seems like old clips + shit enemies. Did you ever get deep into ranked? If you still play lets queue sometime assuming you're NA
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    add me on uplay
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    added, im randomoperators
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  9. world(server) record baby(?)

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    Me and @The Law have had more. My record is in my signature (Wasnt even a flawless one cuz I fucked up one round so 200 was possible). Laws record was higher than mine (I think like 190ish) but it was done in like 1945 when everyone was even more bots than they are now.

    Nice job regardless :)
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    F @Rice and Chicken


    Would hardly call it an F cuz getting high score rounds like the ones above is super RNG
  13. dang. Same happened to me, last round only got 1 traitor kill few more could have put me past 200.
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  14. k i have the record now

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  15. Voca

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    This place would be such a nicer achievement if it was a thread of "Best TTT scores without buying detective to boost your chances of scoring high"-Thread
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    Fuckin hell rice


    Next up is my inno kills record (or Janppas i think he got 1 more than me)
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    one time i killed a guvuy with a porfp
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