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    Well it has been a very long time since i was warned for doing a "rdm round" as such, but getting a 2 week ban? 1. I wasnt the one that said to rdm voca as that was Druggedcat 2. I couldnt hear what Voca was saying has many people where talking at the time. 3. Simply doing a rdm that someone said to do is grounds for a 2 week global ban?​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I will admit i did rdm Voca, but i didnt do it toxicaly, as mention above i couldnt hear Voca it sounded like he was in a Scuba Suit​
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    @Voca for his verdict
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    I have seen this and will respond to this tomorrow
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    Hey @BarelyInaudible so as we both know it was this instance that led to your ban.

    At first I was going to let you off with a warning for Toxic gameplay as well as a warning for instigating RDM rounds, but I then took a look at your stats and Noticed you had
    5 Notes surrounding Toxic gameplay within the past 8 months, 2 of which were related to Calling Mass RDM rounds and tricking new players into Mass RDM/Karmabans by misinforming them about gameplay and rules.

    1 of my main issues here though, is that you after your ban mentioned, your last warning was a month ago. (Which means it wasnt Noted and that you know that you have been warned for this behavior before + You did the same thing a few days before the ban, where I gave you a verbal warning without a note)

    Its like you think that these type of warnings simply dissapear, and you choose to ignore them.
    No they stay and they are given for a reason. To make the player aware that, what they are doing is instigating toxic behavior and harming the server population.

    One of the reasons why your behavior in this clip is toxic, is well first of all you are encouraging players to start a RDM round, which means you are responsible for causing other players to ruin other player's experience on the server, without having to lift a finger yourself for the RDM.

    The 2nd toxic part of this, is that you fully knew that Druggedcat said to "RDM" me, which isnt a KoS, they are not stating Im a Traitor, simply saying that someone should RDM me, which you did, after you encouraged people to RDM the round.
    Seemingly you didnt hear the 3 warnings I gave you about your action, before you did it.

    But that does not excuse that you continue this Behavior after the amount of warnings you have had, Im even pretty sure I have warned you about this in the past, without adding a note to your stats even.

    With your responses in discord, and the way you only see it as a RDM case.
    Its pretty clear that you didnt take any of your former warnings Serious.

    Therefor I believe its for the best that you sit these 2 weeks out.
    And hopefully it will teach ya to not ignore the warnings you are given and expect them to simply drop after a month have passed.


    Any questions or concerns feel free to message me, over Steam, Discord or Forums