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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by coterabeth, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just wondering why I was banned for 5 days. I RDM'd once because accidentally clicked (shitty excuse, I know), and I apologized afterwards... Didn't get a slay or a threat like people usually do.

    I donated yesterday because I like the server... This kinda makes me think otherwise. Probably won't be doing it again.
  2. Sir Lemoncakes

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    Please follow the ban appeal format. What is your name and steam id?
  3. Your In Game Nickname: Coterabeth
    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:20317469

    Why should you be unbanned: Was an accident, I apologized, was first offense, no warning/slay. Didn't even know I was banned until the next day, and was given no reason or explanation.
    Evidence of innocence: I was a detective. I had not RDM'd once until that point. Clearly I planned on staying on the server, seeing as how I donated. I apologized immediately after it happened.

    Was the map that looks like the interior of a mansion, or some such. I was a Detective. Accidentally shot a guy in the head when finger slipped on my mouse. Then I apologized. There was no comment/threat/scolding/slaying/anything by mods who were online at the time.

    I get that protocol says I should be banned for this mistake, and I respect that. Not gonna complain about that. I just think it's uncool that I wasn't told/notified/warned/slayed/anything regarding the matter. You guys already have my money, clearly I enjoy your server and want to stay on and follow the rules.
  4. eduardopy

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    Donating does not make you be able to void the rules. Just saying.
  5. Highwon

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    Okay according to the logs, you left a minute after being reported for RDM without providing an explanation. While the moderators try their best to handle a report as soon as possible, that isn't always the case depending on the circumstances (dealing with another report, still being alive, etc). When you are reported for RDM, the system automatically tells you that you were reported and asks you to give an explanation using the '@' command. Since you left without an explanation, its only fair that the moderator assumed you rdm & left.

    Next time make sure you explain your side of things, even if a moderator doesn't specifically ask you and if you need to leave then let the staff know to extend your punishment so you will get a slay the next time you come on. I will remove the ban this one time only.
  6. Next time I will do that. Thank you.
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