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  1. vonDicey

    vonDicey Protocol Dictates Action. VIP

    He was right...they always come back

    After a 2 year hiatus. I look forward to seeing the community again, both the new and old members
    and hope to become a regular on these fine servers once again
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  2. Welcome back
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  3. Sith Master

    Sith Master An individual may die, but the Sith are eternal Banned Legendary

    Welcome back Sin Cara! I hope to see you on the servers as well.
  4. Desert

    Desert Nein! Nein! Nein! VIP

    Welcome back, I look forward to meeting you!
  5. Darki

    Darki Active Member

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  6. Togobenzoate87

    Togobenzoate87 Nobody Gets it Banned VIP Silver

  7. Count Dracnologia

    Count Dracnologia 時に遠ざけながら Mod VIP+ Silver

    Welcome back, I hope to see you in-game soon! :blackalien:
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  8. Psychofist

    Psychofist Free bird Mod VIP Bronze

    Look at that, i remember you sin cara. Welcome back haha!
  9. Hannibal Vector

    Hannibal Vector VIP Silver

    Welcome Back, Enjoy The Complimentary Bagged Peanuts, And Water Bottles.
  10. Yuuki

    Yuuki Dreamer Mod Legendary

    Welcome back. Hope to see you in-game sometimes.
  11. Welcome Back Hope to see you around.
  12. GunAndBomb

    GunAndBomb Explosive Banned MVP

    Welcome back!
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  13. Super Halloween Graze

    Super Halloween Graze Smash that Motherf*in' Snooze Button. Admin VIP Silver

    Welcome back mate!
  14. sharkieBoii

    sharkieBoii aka Alex VIP

    Welcome back to the community!
  15. ryan4win

    ryan4win I was supposed to do great things Banned VIP+ Silver

    Welcome back VonDicey ;)
  16. LegitCake

    LegitCake Loyalty VIP

    Hey there! Welcome back to the community!
  17. NoTreatJustTrick

    NoTreatJustTrick Hai :) Legendary

    Sorry, I don't recognize you; however, it's good to see you made an introduction. Welcome back!
  18. Mr Butters

    Mr Butters For a few to be immortal, many must die. VIP

    VonDicey is the fucking man.
  19. Amr

    Amr Benevolently Committed VIP Iron

    I remember your name, is that a bad thing?

    Welcome Back
  20. Igneus

    Igneus VIP Silver

    Welcome back!