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  1. ayygurl_

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    All great (or even bad) things have to come to an end, today I'm leaving once for all. I want to dedicate my life to music, school, work and exploring more videogames. There is no point for me to play TTT everyday just to get frustrated at the end (wich was happening more and more often until I recently took a break). I also believe TTT isn't the best thing for me to play because of how stressed/anxious I am. I need to relax, shit has been weird recently.

    @Aquast, @pekka26, @Aatu21, @Tedelicious, @Watch Yo Profanity, DarkShiny (even though he just left too), @DogeSausageOfDoom, @Radd41, @SoulReaperLV, @Shireco, Electronized and so much more people.

    You guys were cool as fuck, whether or not you liked me, I had plenty of fun playing with you, thanks for everything.

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  2. Agent Knockout

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    Noooooooooooo :cry::cry:
    Why, why everyone that I like is leaving?
    Good luck in your endeavors, friend.

    ~Agent Knockout
  3. Flan

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    No please don't leave, we still need more ayygurl emotes :( Feel free to message me on steam anytime, sayonara you magnificent bastard
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  4. Radd41

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    I'll miss you man, it was great playing with you
  5. andrewca79

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    Farewell ayygurl, best of luck with your future endeavours
  6. Ted

    Ted The knight in white armor! Silver

    Yes another one is gone :sneaky:

    Just kidding ayygurl. You were one of the first non-staff people who i liked playing with. I will miss you here on the server, i will miss the girly screams when you're losing a gunfight, the harambe pictures on the wall and out of all, your failing aim i will miss the most. I am not roasting you btw :D

    Feel free to come back and get roasted in game as well :cool:.

    Just ping me if you want to do some 1v1 deagle battles, i will always be there to rek your ass in it. Or just when you want a god in csgo to rek everybody for you and let you XPboost :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.
  7. Lord Tachanka

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    İt was Nice to Meet you Bro Good Luck What youre doing İn Life (Salutes)
  8. Ted

    Ted The knight in white armor! Silver

    Btw with exploring more games you mean that you will play COD WW2 with me???
  9. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    Take care, champ, you're a fun dude (y)
  10. ayygurl_

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    If I had the game and if it wouldn't bother my mom because it's PEGI-18, hell yeah!
  11. Shireco

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    Goodbye my love, wait what
  12. Xerp

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    A Bientot, ya swiss cheese :love: >. Take care of your health mate.
  13. Pacifist

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    Wait who are you again? (only kidding) take care homie! :D
  14. Death

    Death May we meet again. VIP Bronze

    I'm really gonna miss you. All the times we'ved had fun as ts and all the giveaways you rigged for me. Good bye friend and good luck.
  15. Dont leav me girlll come on :(
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