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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Adrian Shephard, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Adrian Shephard

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    Well i had a crush on a beatiful girl (my type) and pussied out to try and talk to her for a month (not studying in the same class) and this week i had to ask a friend to help me get to know her , she talked to her and my crush was okay. Ill step up tommorow to talk to her and this is my first time doing this and thst why i need advices (i got some social fear)
    Thank u for helping meeee
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  2. Step 1: Realise that the only option that gives you a hope in hell of gettin that sweet sweet lovin is to ask
    Step 2: 10 seconds of stupid courage can change a life.
    Step 3: Either way, nobody will care after a while, our lives are too saturated to care about other people's relationships, therefore either you two get together and peeps are like whOa, or you don't and peeps are like Lul, but said peeps will only be doing either of these things for a week max.

    Also, if it don't go good, you got big number of years ahead, plenty of very fuckin tasty fish in the sea, trust me fam. Every attempt is an oppertunity to learn
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  3. Pacifist

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    Yeah man just ask em. What's the worst that can happen?
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  4. thog

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    If it's your first time trying to talk to her, do your best to not overdo it. You don't want to expect her to fall for you instantly. You're trying to lay the foundation for future conversations and establish a connection that can grow into something romantic.
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  5. Hashira

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    Dont show that shes your crush to her for a while

    make sure you dont only like her bc of her looks / how she seems

    get to know her first

    dont rush things

    just a simple, "Hey how are you!" will do, do NOT make a big deal

    dont be her friend just bc u crush on her

    be casual, and act like you would with any other friend.

    good luck.

    if you ever come out to her about the crush, dont stop being her friend if she rejects you. thats a dick move.
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  6. Adrian Shephard

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    I fucked up but i fixed that and no official news
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  7. Deadly25

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    Can we get an F for our fallen comrade
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  8. Grumble

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    How old are you?
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