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    Alright so when I asked in shoutbox all of y'all have me bendy answers
    1. Can you ask if you have warning points
    2. Can you ask how many warning points you have
    3. Can you ask how many active warning points you have
    (And by ask I mean can someone give you an answer if they so choose.) A year ago this shit was as straight as a military line but now it's weird as hell and no one was giving me straight answers so please help help help help help
  2. Nuno

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    Alright, information regarding warning points are up for the discretion of the staff member,
    Staff may freely choose to deny your request if they suspect you're attempting to loophole a ban.
    If it's general curiosity, the request may be granted, dependent on the staff being asked.
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  3. Nathan776

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    You can ask how many warning points you have and their expiry. The mods have discretion to either tell you or refuse to tell you based on if they believe you are going to use this information maliciously. I.e You want to know the information so you can break a forum rule again.

    The current warning point system is set up in such a way that you cannot see your warning points due to both the possibility of loopholing and also due to evidence previously being stored in warning point information/additional information.
    Frequently moderators will forget or not understand fully the warning point system and fail to send either a notification of the warning point or setup the warning point message. This is honestly very easy to miss and quite frankly a pain in the ass to use. In situations like this it makes extremely important for a user to acknowledge that they have been warned and for which specific content they have been warned for. If a user does not acknowledge this are they expected to appeal after the fact through discord Dm's to identify what they actually did? Alongside this how are they supposed to identify what they did wrong and adapt from this as to not do this next time?
    Its easy to say moderators should just get it right the first time but that doesn't happen. I must have had to fix over 20 warning points over the time I was admin due to issues from them (Probably more). Especially the the amount of time a warning point lasts for. Please don't try and limit information for no reason to people genuinely trying to know this information.

    The short answer is: Yes you can ask, but the staff don't have to tell you.