Asdfmovie 12

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by pengin❤, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. pengin❤

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    Was it worth the wait? You be the judge ⬇
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  2. Aquast

    Aquast lordy was here :sneaky: Moderator VIP Bronze

    Nah, in my opinion asdfmovies are pretty overrated.
  3. Kyuu

    Kyuu The True Trap of SGM Moderator Elite

    The gunman joke is the only one I laughed at these have lost their comedic value over the years
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  4. Tony Danza

    Tony Danza Active Member

    Older ones (1-8) are classics. New ones suck
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  5. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard Elite

    This is the exact same humor as the other "lul so randum xd" scat they produce. The only reason we enjoy the originals is out of nostalgia.
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  6. kinda doody cheeks