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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Ariana Grande, Jan 3, 2016.

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  1. Rice

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    In your original post for this appeal, you have stated this in your appeal: "Rice took this as RDM, despite having no proof that I RDM'd or had no reasons to kill this player. I even told him, I said "You have no proof that it was RDM, he could have pulled a T weapon or picked a T weapon off a buddy.""


    "I think this is rather harsh honestly as he really didn't have sufficient evidence to prove it was RDM and I was completely fine with a 1 day ban. I'll gladly take the 1day RDM ban or serve 20 slays or something"

    I found it odd that you would ask for 1 day ban for something you classified as not RDM, and suggested to me that they had "pulled a T weapon or picked a T weapon off a buddy." AFTER I asked you if this happened in-game.

    The reason why you were banned at all was because of the situation in-game. As I've already stated, it was at 4 seconds when you decided to shoot him. Presumably this would've meant you saw him with the knife at 1-3 seconds in-game time. Within these 3 seconds, not only did he have the chance to buy the T weapon and switch to it, but you had enough time to react? All in 3 seconds? Please view this from my angle here, that your story and the way you acted, and the things you've said on this appeal do not strike me as likely to be true. Just for future reference, loopholing is when you try to use our rules to benefit and/or bend to your bidding to avoid punishment, which is exactly why you were banned here.

    Currently, I am waiting for @CDriscoll to review this further as he is the Administrator that I showed the evidence to initially. I believe he may be busy at the moment, so please be patient until he responds.
  2. I did not do that. Even though it may have been extremely unlikely that he did that, that's what I saw. It was around 6AM my time when this happened, I had zero sleep, I thought I saw him pull a knife, which, hell, you even ASKED me if he pulled a knife after i killed him which is why i thought it so odd that you're calling it impossible now, but I later found out he did not have a knife (because I looked at the screenshots you provided) and realized he did not have a knife and I completely admitted to my RDM. In the initial appeal, I asked for this 1 day RDM ban because I found out that he didn't have a knife and I realized that I did indeed RDM. As for the reasons I said it was not RDM, I was still kind of miffed when I wrote the initial appeal, and for some reason thought my actions for killing the player were justified despite having evidence that proves the contrary. The situation in game with the 4 second timetable which I keep trying to tell you was pure human error where I was tired, not seeing clearly, obviously not thinking straight, and acted purely on adrenaline based on things from first glance as I thought he was going to kill me. From my experience, it's very possible to get a knife with bindings and fast switch, so I thought it completely likely that he could have had a knife (and you did too, remember, you asked me if he did at first after i killed him.) and so I killed him. I didn't use the rules to my benefit, I had a somewhat decent understanding of the rules and presented my case in a clear matter that described the events that happened. I don't really know what rule I bent if all I suggested was that "there wasn't much/no evidence" PRIOR TO VIEWING SCREENSHOTS and "that he had a knife" PRIOR TO VIEWING THE SCREENSHOTS. Since I had zero knowledge of how logs work to be honest, I thought maybe the logs just didn't show him having a knife when he did and said it was "word vs word" because I thought he had a knife and that maybe logs didn't show credit purchases since I swore I saw him with a knife. I said it was word vs word because that's literally how my brain viewed those events. With no knowledge of how logs work, and me still thinking he had a knife, I thought it was a "word vs word" scenario as described by the rules. I wasn't using the rules to give myself distinct advantages, I was literally just arguing my case because again I had believed that he had a knife and I had someone who I thought was just randomly accusing me of being a liar telling me he didn't, which is why I thought it was word v word, prior to viewing any screenshots. When I saw that he didn't have a knife, I dropped it and passed it off as me being tired. Ijust need to reiterate that once I viewed the screenshots I stopped fuckin talking because prior to that point I still thought he had a knife and made my arguments based on that. Obviously, he didn't, and obviously, I rdm'd. I was not trying to avoid punishment , I was just trying to understand the scenario at hand and why I was going to be punished when I thought he had a knife and that I just had a random person calling me a liar when I didn't lie. (which was my fault for viewing the screenshots so late.)
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  3. Rice

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    The reason why I asked about the knife was because I was curious how you would respond, not that I actually thought that is what happened.
  4. So you were trying to game me into giving you a response that you wanted me to give that could get me in trouble?
  5. Rice

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    No, I wanted to see how you would reply. Why would what I say affect how your response should have been, if what you described did actually happen?
  6. Because you clearly already thought I was full of shit and was hoping I would respond with something that clearly broke the rules or that you could use against me. You wanted to see if I told you anything you knew was wrong, because you already doubted me and thought that I would just make up an excuse. Based on your responses, you didn't enjoy having me on the server, so perhaps you're more biased in whether or not I'm telling the truth and whether or not I get to stay, which is obviously going to affect a judgment call in which a player tells you what happened if you're already doubting them. You didn't affect my response in any way. I typed it based on the events I thought happened as they happened. Lying may have been what you were hoping I would do, but no, I genuinely thought he had a knife, and that's what I maintained.
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  7. CDriscoll

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    As staff, we sometimes ask questions such as these to make sure what the user killed the victim for is accurate. In this situation, it wasn't targeting, it wasn't bias, and it wasn't a witch hunt.

    When inquired about your kill, you'd given your reason and presented it in a way that screams, at least to me, "you have nothing to prove that this didn't happen". What you had done, intentionally or not, was loopholing. Claiming that the user had a traitor weapon, and that Rice would be able to do nothing about it as he couldn't prove that the user didn't, when in actuality he could have, you had been exploiting holes in our rules to get out of a slay for what had been RDM.

    I'm not sure if this was your intention, though your behavior throughout the conversation seems to lean towards the conclusion that it was. Had you said, while you were discussing this in game with Rice, that you genuinely thought he had a knife instead of "he could have pulled a t wep on me and you would have had no way of knowing", things would have turned out differently.

    As such, I'm going to keep this ban, though shorten it to 14 days. Loopholing isn't something we take lightly here, as it completely interferes with the well-being of our players. I hope you can take this and learn from it, and change how you play while on our servers. Your ban is local so, for the time being, feel free to play on any of the other servers.

    Appeal: Denied
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