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    Yesterday, on the Eastern realm, an adventurer known as Smite joined in search of a quest, a purpose for which to devote his true blade too. His full title was Smite, Blessed Paladin of the True Blade. After attending the college of the True Blade and becoming a devout paladin, he sought to use his new found powers to protect the realm of Essge'em.

    It was not long before Smite found fellow adventurers to aid him on his quest. Pomegranate , Mage of the Forest was in search of purpose and wanted to use his powers he spent years harnessing. These adventurers were outcast by those also on the realm, ogres and trolls who sought nothing but to kill each other for pleasure. They sought refuge in a local tavern where they met Peef Rimgar, Goblin Rogue of Rimgar Land, the Goblin of 1800 years and Meat of the Wad, Elf of the Highlands. Peef Rimgar had no intentions in working with the travelers and sought only his own greed; however, the elf had a quest:

    Slay the Dragon, Dolphiticus of the East, for he has caused terror and destruction in his elven village. The reward for this shall be 40 platinum pieces, his entire wealth.

    The mage and paladin knew this was no simple task. They must acquire more adventurers to save this village. In the meantime, the Planewalkers had sensed a disturbance in the realm, it was no longer what it was. The Planewalkers are those of the realm after this one, a place fueled by the duality of peace and agony. Smite could sense that the Planewalkers were getting restless through his holy powers. Perhaps, he could find a way to communicate with them with the help of one of the four sages.

    The Four Sages are mythical beings that are able to serve as a medium for communication between the realm of the Planewalkers and the realm of the Living. The first of the Sages, the Sage of Mangoes, has lost his mind after residing the in the Planewalking realm for too long. Perhaps, he will never regain his full mind again. The second of the Sages, the Sage of Pierogis, resides on the Eastern Realm quite often. He is normally found meditating between the realms to harness as much mana as he can. The third Sage, The Sage of Chicken Nuggets, takes on the form of a child. A mythical being from the Planewalking realm injured his mind and he can no longer access his adult form or memories. He must relearn all that he previously has as a sage. The fourth and most powerful sage has been lost for millennium, once residing in the lost city of Jerusalem.

    A Centurion Guardian of the Garrison, Novah, once resided in Jerusalem with the sage. Although, this Centurion has developed the sickness cursed upon all centurions ending their infinite life source. It may be possible to access his memories to find the Fourth Sage again and restore balance the Planewalking realm. He hints at a great human warrior by the name of Garfield; however, his sickness corrupts his mind and Garfield may just be another brainless barbarian.

    Back in the Eastern Realm, Pomegranate and Smite sought out new adventurers to aid them on their quest. They were surpirsed to be quickly greeted by so many willing to seek adventure and great rewards:

    Love Sosa, Chief of the Keef, Dwarven Tavern Maid - This maid was once a bard who knew not how to play a single instrument. The adventurers saw her as useless, but her dwarven charm may come useful in defeating a powerful foe one day.

    Bartholomew Ohew, Wizard of Amougsus - This wizard was once a priest, but had abandoned his holy ways after seeing the "true purpose the light and its evil origins."

    Monkey the Midget -This monkey was once a paladin, but has been disbarred by Smite for not devoting himself to the Paladin ways. Smite prayed to the Lord Vatu and found clarity in this decision. He is now a bard who has perfected the ability of music to charm any foe.

    A'awolly, Thief of the Badlands - A'awolly, otherwise known as the deceiver, is known for his mask that allows him to take any form, frequently using it to be one of the most legendary thieves known in this realm.

    Mane, Priest of the Farlands - Hailing from the Farlands and the land of the dwarves, Mane is a priest who used to sell potions enchanted with his, unknown at the time, holy powers. Once discovered, he sought the long journey to study at the College of the True Blade.

    Rixzuika, Druid of the Forest - This strange druid has lost his mind after spending his life with animals in the forest, but he has achieved the ability to shapeshift into them.

    Titan, the Fortune Teller - Named after the legends of old, this fortune teller has foretold of many prophecies that have come true, and one that has yet to happen regarding the Planewalkers and their restlessness in the realm.

    Jay'Vas, the Tavern Whore - Once an archer, this elf became a whore after learning of the amount of gold his services could earn.

    Russman, Cuntsmasher of the East - Not very skilled or talented in much, except for wooing any he wishes and smashing their cunts, hence his given title.

    Marg, the "Sorcerer" - Attempting to blend in the realm of Essge'em and fiend off the reputation sorcerers have, this man is actually a jester. A jester sent to distract and divide the party.

    Sticky Joe, War Bard of the East - Known for his legendary bard spells that cast a sticky substance on all that hear his song, this War Bard took part of the Great War between the realms of Essge'em.

    Chikorita of Courage, The Quiet One - Perhaps one of the most valiant of the adventurers, but definitely the most humble. Takes down his foes and does not boast about it, nor does he seek reward. Only serves to serve the realm.

    On their quest given to them by the elf, Meat of the Wad, these adventurers were able to slay and defeat the Dragon of the East and claim their reward, but in return, the hero Smite was sent to the Planewalking realm. One of the first to be sent there and come back, a human who could transverse both worlds; however, he could not speak with the Planewalkers and now determined his purpose was to seek out the four sages to learn how he can communicate with them as well.

    Our adventurers now are in search of quests and rewards before they continue their main quest to determine how to convene with the Planewalkers and quell their restlessness.

    Below is a map, curated by the Mage of the Forest, Pomegranate.
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    you have ruined modded for me

    vanilla is my home now
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    Ah it is another ogre. If you tread on my realm again, my adventurers and I will smite down you in the name of Vatu
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    Peef Rimger went full schizo and as a result Smite decided to let his inner DND basement dweller show for the rest of the night. Finally leading to this forum post.
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    No, this is wrong. I, Smite, traveled to the land of the eastern realm and spoke with Peef Rimgar, activating his old memories of his 1800 year life. Then the events as you said have played out.
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    Hmmm, maybe the mages let you guys eat a few too many of those special mushrooms....
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    If I am to be God's personal jester, then a jester I will be.
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  9. yes. a jester.
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  10. I'd like to offer my map-making services. I have a history of topography in the lands of Jerusalem.
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    you can borrow my gun
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    Hmm yes, the Mage of the Forest could use some help, perhaps contact him for this quest.

    Ahh a gun. What is this, Blood Magic? I am sworn to my holy sword, Truthseeker
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    Here's an update:

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    Thank you for this I'm on the edge of my seat as we speak
  15. @Pomegranate
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    Here I was thinking I knew the SGM Iceburg.
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  18. Yo this was kinda fun , I didn't manage to play during the main events , but I had some small rp fun after with some of the members
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    Sorcerer, the world of Essge'em is constantly adapting to changes put forth from the planewalkers ever changing demands, a skilled cartographer would be essential in improving the maps of today.
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    It has been found that this sage was actually just a real child pretending to be a sage. The real sage Desert, sage of the sands has also come out of hiding upon hearing the news.
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