ADHD and the FAA; My new update

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    Hey everyone, this is a continuation of my previous thread from August of last year, and I turned 17 last October. How things have changed. (

    I got cleared by the neuropsychologist and he said in his report that I don't have ADHD to ASD. However, it is still up to the FAA to approve or deny this report. Right now, I've put about $500 for my initial checkup with my AME (A doctor but for airmen), $2,300 for that report by the FAA-approved neuropsychologist, and have to put another $500 to meet up with my AME again to do a normal checkup (heart rate, breathing, movement, etc. like any other checkup) and for my AME to go over the report from the neuropsychologist. On top of this, I recently got into a car accident and have to put a $500 downpayment and my rate may go up by $100 a month.

    I'm currently without a job right now, and my money in the bank is limited. I can't get a new job since I don't have my working papers on hand and the School District is closed, so I can't get new working papers. I'm looking to spend over $1500 this month alone (not including my neuropsychologist from last month) and my money can only last so long. I don't mean to sound needy, but I'm in a really tough spot. Any amount can help, and I'd greatly appreciate it.


    The biggest photo was me about 4 years ago, I still have that setup
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    Kinda silly that they would block you over this shit. If you can prove that you are able to maintain focus long enough to not crash the fucking plane... well... shouldn't be that difficult for the FAA to just give you a license.
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    Thats what the neuropsychological evaluation was. He concluded that I don't have ADHD as I was able to perform a slew of mathematical tests, verbal reasoning, multitasking, and more. Along with the MMPI test and an interview, he concluded I also don't have ASD. I do agree, it is a long and expensive process (I think he is $200 an hour), but that is why the sky is so safe.

    This PDF is best example. This shows only about 3 of the 20 tests I took. Refer to page 2 and 3

    If the FAA approves my medical, that means I can take the report and send it to my medical provider/doctor, and they will consider my ADHD and ASD diagnosis null and void. Basically like it was a false diagnosis. Its not a simple "looks like he can manage his speed and altitude. Ok you're cleared of ADHD". They are basically doing a test to prove you don't have ADHD. There is no such thing as an ADHD exemption. In the eyes of the FAA, it is either you do have ADHD and can't fly due to short-term memory problems and can't multitask, or you don't have ADHD and are clear to fly. There is no "in-between" as far as the FAA is concerned.
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    An update to the update. It seems that while I thought I was close to the finish line, I'm now back at 50%. All because my mom "wanted me to be special" and from Children's Hospital of Philly slapping labels on any child they can get their hands on.

    If I had just been diagnosed with ADHD, the cogscreen with the neuropsychologist would have been enough. However since I got the bullshit ASD diagnosis, I now have to see an FAA HIMS neuropsychiatrist. This is adding another ~$1,750 - $2,300 to my already $2800 total for this whole ordeal. My bank account is being drained faster than I previously thought, and while I maybe have enough money for a little while, I am unable to sustain my car insurance payments and school payments ATM. This is much more expensive and rigorous than I thought.

    Any donation helps, and I wish there was a better way I could thank you. Please let me know how I can do so if you do donate.

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    (crosspost from

    Good news and bad news! Bad news is they have sent me a demand letter. They said they want "current history and clinical examination from your treating physician regarding your history of the possibility of Tourette's syndrome". The good news is, they didn't say anything about the Autism Spectrum Disorder! So it seems I don't need a psychiatric evaluation, and got away with a neuropsychological evaluation. Which then confuses me because that is exactly what the FAA says it wants for Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome (Super fancy sounding wow). I'm going to talk to my AME soon since he knows what he's doing as we saw with the psychiatric evaluation and neuropsychological evaluation.

    This gets a little complicated though because I am no longer going to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Heck, I'm probably going to have my physical with a family doctor for the first time. When we tried getting a board-certified letter from CHOP in November of 2019 before my neuropsychological evaluation in February 2020, they said it would take over a year since I'm not with CHOP anymore! Ridiculous. So how am I going to go to my treating physician? I'll let you know with what my AME says.

    Very glad this came back rather than ASD with a psychiatric evaluation. As I have stated always, I'll keep you all posted!

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