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Discussion in 'Deathrun Discussion' started by Rose2, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Rose2

    Rose2 New Member

    I recently was trying to get an achievement where you had to fall and survive with your health below 10. I managed to do this and ended up getting 3 health. However, the achievement was not awarded to me. Nohack can confirm this bug. Hopefully it's fixed!
    The link is evidence so to speak, to prove I wasn't lying.

    sorry if its a double post, nohack said to Tag chai as well...
  2. Chai

    Chai returned; VIP

    You need to survive a LONG fall.
  3. Rose2

    Rose2 New Member

    I did, I fell straight down and when I landed I went from 100hp to 3hp
  4. Paradox

    Paradox The One Eyed Ghoul Banned Elite

    He might mean even deeper of a pit
  5. Chai

    Chai returned; VIP

    If thats so, I'll investigate this further.

    Will reply asap.
  6. Chai

    Chai returned; VIP

    Sorry for the lateness, the bug has been addressed in the latest patch.

    Please do continue to file bug reports if you've seen any.
    We appreciate your contribution :)

    Thank you.
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