Answered Accidental/Unintentional telefragging

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  1. Virunas

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    So this happened:

    I was slain for it. Was that slay worthy?

    I feel like it wasn't because it's something I can't control. I didn't know someone was there. Kinda like killing a t buddy with a c4, I can't choose the location of my buddies.
  2. Ted

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    With the C4 people see a big ass sign of it counting down. You teleporting is something they can not see. A warning for the teleport has to be giving.
  3. Racerboy

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    And what are T-buddies supposed to do when they see that warning? Not stand on the ground? It's impossible for them to know where you set the teleport location. Same thing with not warning about opening a T door, if you don't specify which one especially on a map like Motel where there's multiple, what are they supposed to do?
  4. RyanHighwayman

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    It’s the responsibility of whoever is using the teleported to make a clear warning. Also the telefragging is something that is so much up to chance, that even a quick “I’m tp-ing to the t-room” should be enough. Warnings like “I’m throwing a frag,” that don’t specify location are barely warning at all. It’s up to you to be as clear as you can be
  5. RyanHighwayman

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    tldr: A simple “I’m teleporting” isn’t enough of a warning. It’s just a statement
  6. Jabba the Slut

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    I can see these cases being handled similar to goomba stomps, where we always seek out forgiveness.
  7. Agreed, a warning should be given if used as an active weapon. However, a "I'm teleporting" warning should be sufficient if a warning even needs to be given. If that simple warning of "I'm throwing a frag" (which has been sufficient for ages unless something has changed) is sufficient for frag grenades, what makes it insufficient for teleporting? These both end up being "area of affect" weapons just with radically different radii.

    The only difference I see between the two would be that a frag grenade has a limited area in which it can be effectively thrown and detonate. However that area is so large its fundamentally the same as teleporting. We can't allow one to be super detailed and refuse to tighten up the other in my opinion. Just to be clear, I don't think we even need to warn for general teleporting given how rare an occurrence of killing is unless it is being used as an active weapon.

    Also, how does this work for innos/detectives? Do they also always have to warn? Telegraph their intentions to the traitors? We're hamstringing players on gameplay if we do over such a limited issue. They'd literally be telling the traitors where to find them.

    I agree. Unless the teleport is being maliciously used, this would be the best case. For general teleporting, not used as a weapon, I wholeheartedly agree with Jabba on punishment. I would say that a warning is not needed given its potential adverse effects on gameplay to innocents and detectives. Its a minor issue, let the players work it out for themselves.

    If used as a true traitor weapon for attempting to kill people, a general warning of "I'm using my teleporter to telefrag" should be good enough like most other AOE weapons. A case can be made to include location when being used as a weapon, which I could see given there is no visual indicator. At the same time if we treat it like goombas I think it'd work itself out well enough given the one killed can make their own decisions.

    Sorry to turn this into a bit of a debate in QnA, but Jabba's post kinda opened the door and this is still listed as unanswered. I'm assuming this is being debated in the staff thread/discord, so here is my two cents.
  8. To close the loop on this for when someone inevitably searches for it on the forums:

    Per Jabba-


    Alright, I've discussed it with the admins and we believe we've come up with a protocol that is the easiest and most favorable way of handling this that’s also compliant with our current rules.

    All kills done by telefragging are considered crossfire unless deemed intentional.

    How does one deem it intentional?
    • Can the killer SEE the spot they will be teleporting to?
    • Are they teleporting to a spot likely for someone to be in? (Tester)
    We also encourage players to warn their Detective/Traitor buddies when teleporting to their respective team rooms. We're talking to Dime about implementing something so Detectives can see a visible marker for where other Detectives have their teleporter set. Same for traitors.