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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Elric, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. Elric

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    When I joined this server for the first time it was because there are not a lot of addons to download and without all those addons like Ghost Deathmatch we can keep our fps very high :).

    But would it be bad to add more weapons to the Serious TTT Vanilla server?
    I like the modded servers because of the weapons but there are rarely players there to play with those fun weapons like M40 or hk416.

    if you guys think it removes the aspect of vanilla in the server then I do agree with you but how bad isn't the m16 and the rest weapons in the vanilla server. I mean the only good weapons are Ak -47, scout, and shotgun.
    Trust me no one wants to use the rest of the weapons but sometimes you're forced to use any weapon you find because there are just a small amount of the good guns that everyone wants.
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  2. Spitefulvenom

    Spitefulvenom So long TTT! Administrator VIP

    The point in nilla is to avoid lengthy downloads however there mate be scope to add new css weapons to the server in the future
  3. Pokeben10

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    Don't let Jabba see this thread...
  4. Fear☠

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    Vanilla is Vanilla.
    IT already got some non Vanilla things (as far as I know) But the less the better
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  5. The Trashman

    The Trashman Member

    I would have to agree that's why SGM has two servers that are not vanilla...
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  6. Dapper Cracker

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    that bitch just ruins everything doesnt he
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  7. RyanHymenman

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    Moving this to the Weapons subforum