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  1. Elvis

    Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT VIP

    can another staff member besides temar explain why the ban appeal was denied? He isnt great at explaining this stuff, it might be because his english isnt great and thats totally understandable.

    Gba can be acted upon at any point in the round. If someone starts killing people at 0:01 and kills 3 people in a certain area but doesnt kill a 4th(5th,6th, etc) we are able to kill those people that they left alone for gba.

    Please keep this open and marked as unanswered until i agree that its been answered. This does not mean i will only hear what i want to hear.
  2. wink

    wink oh behave Administrator VIP Emerald

    In the eyes of the staff team, I don’t think it’s a matter of if he had technically a right to kill them, it’s a matter that he did and the manner it was done in.

    My favorite screenshot for analyzing in the appeal( and the most useful in my eyes) is the one within the post which Temar denied the appeal. You can clearly see the time stamps of the events, and the kills. The fact he ided the body and almost immediately went “fuck it, everyone goes” knowing they were all ‘afk’ without even warning for the frag probably assisted the “yeah that’s toxic” direction.

    That said, I’m conflicted on the appeal and do not have full context to really choose a side; Proving someone is ‘afk’ for toxic/malicious intents shouldn’t be a thing imo since it can easily be faked/used as a strategy by cheeky players.
  3. A Salt Ed

    A Salt Ed VIP

    I have a habit for IDing bodies especially if I'm about to kill others. It avoids me getting kosd for not iding the body.

    With that said, I used the frag as a faster alternative as i was wary that the killer may be around, and as a better self preservative way, to frag the GBAs and fall back and be ready for a fight. The issue now being is, that body was also innocent leading me to believe the killer left those others alive because they were his traitor buddies. Which well ended up not being the case, and seemingly the killer was just rdming? Or revenge rdming as he just killed one man and ran.

    My ban history also doesn't contribute much into this ban as one was karma, and the other two were racism and a legitimate rdm ban.
    I behave well in the servers.

    Forgot to note, that I played that round like any other round. Following the rules and nearly killing a traitor, i would understand if the toxic gameplay was placed if I had trolled or actually rdmd other people.
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  4. Elvis

    Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT VIP

    Well considering there is a report on temar, we will get a detailed response regardless of this. You can go ahead and close this
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