A quick tip for anxious individuals

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  1. Ay kidz its me the guy who uses the soap bar on his peepee

    Just a quick tip for you guys if it helps anyone id be glad

    I had this thing with anxiety and thinking that i have tumors or sick most of the time really nice paranoia i knew that it was just not right and doesnt have any logical or scientific bases it was just random thaughts but i couldnt get rid of it it turned my life to shit

    My quick tip if you have that go hit the gym kid
    You will be suprised by how much it will change you and change your mood. Its insane you should try it we were made to move and run and accomplish physical work it has its own satisfaction to it.

    Stop procrastinating hit the gym it will make everything better trust me.

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    Blessup kids
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    Doesn't have to be just the gym. Any exercise where you actually work your body will do.
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    Endorphins are a hell of a drug
  4. Nix

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    1. Avoid caffeine
    2. Stop caring about what people think

    Those are my 2 cents on anxiety
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    Nigga don’t you play TTT IRL?
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