a nice little addon

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Hongo, Feb 20, 2019.

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    This should be in the "TTT Suggestions" subforum ^-^ +1 nonetheless
  3. Echo

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    Moved to TTT suggestions.
    I'm kinda neutral on the addon itself. Looks like something that could cause a lot of lag on the servers.
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  4. My Dime Is Up

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    This is actually just an addon that changes the material. There is no code included in this addon. You can just subscribe to this addon locally and have it work. Personally, its a matter of if you like the old or new shot decal. Personally, it's not needed. -1
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    Since this is a client side addons, it has been moved to TTT discussion.
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    i agree there is much to discuss.

    this addon looks cool!
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    ttt hit reg is non exsistant. but at least i can get mad at why my shot didint hit in hd quality
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