A different kind of server?

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    This is deffinatly going to get some hate but I would love to see a server where it is entirely random.
    -The map is always a random map
    -Players spawn in with a compleatly random loadout.

    How many times are you playing on the modded server and you end up playing the same 6 maps for hours, these maps being:
    67th way
    Life the Roof
    Inno motel
    Clue ....

    I know there will be players who come back with well you can vote for the map. In reality you can not vote for the map if there are 5 elite players on a full server of 36 who all vote for the same overplayed maps. Weighted votes are a gift and a curse. Vip+ and Elite players get 4x map vote power and 4x rtv power. 5 players of vip+ or higher rank is the equivilent of 20 votes for one of these over played maps. Too often the little guy gets stepped on and is forced to play the same maps over and over and over again, there is no variety.

    The second point to my suggestion is the loadouts. Donators will be the first to shoot this down as they pay for their rights to a loadout.
    My suggestion is that
    -Non Rank:compleatly random loadout.
    -Supporter: Random primary and random grenade, sidearm of their choice (No extra ammo)
    -Vip: Primary and sidearm of choice and random grenade (Extra ammo for sidearm no extra for primary)
    -Vip+ and up: Can customise their loadout with ammo.
    This allows players to eliminate the early game hunt for weapons (on this server only) But still make guns spawn on the ground so they can toss their random weapon if they so choose.

    Here are some suggestion threads to lead to this idea.
    Randomize Map Voting

    Remove the overplayed maps

    Get rid of map vote

    Lock maps for a longer time

    The Unfamiliar Map Initiative | A new map voting system.

    anonymous map voting

    Take away bandwagon voting

    Getting tired of overplayed maps seriously.

    Map Change system

    This is something that enough players in the community has suggested that this idea should not be straight shot down. Credit is given to all those who risked their ratings to suggest something off the wall and crazy. I am sure there are more threads but because i am on my phone my search power is limmited.

    May the force be with you.
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    Wouldn't be worth an entire other server, so this wouldn't be added.
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    This isn't really in theme with the current servers aside from the TTT aspect, and isn't in high demand. I'd rather have low pop.
  4. Carned

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    Honestly the way to fix map voting is to remove the number that you see next to a map so it avoid bandwagoning.

    That or go for the call of duty, 2 map vote system.
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    You could call it the !rtv server
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    I agree for the hiding of votecount that would fix most of the issues.
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    It's not an issue really, if the majority of the players enjoy the maps they vote for idk why change that.
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    This has little to do with people's actually *liking* the same six maps. This has to do with psychology. At present, people bandwagon on maps rather than going random because they feel that, if they go for their favorite thing, there's a chance they'll end up with their LEAST favorite thing; it makes more sense to go with something that's not their favorite in order to avoid the worst possible outcome. For instance, I will vote on literally anything to avoid Clue or Whitehouse.

    Also see: presidential elections and the two-party problem.

    Preferential voting systems are the way to go.