a bit of an issue

Discussion in 'Store and Donations' started by Cheesus, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Cheesus

    Cheesus Member

    I am a vip in the server but not in the forums.
  2. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    What is your Steam ID?
  3. The Law

    The Law You fought the law and the law won. VIP Silver Emerald

    His steam ID is: STEAM_0:1:50470218
  4. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    When did you donate? And from what e-mail?

    If you don't want to post your e-mail here, private message it to me.
  5. Cheesus

    Cheesus Member

    I didn't donate but Simply ACE donated for me.
  6. megaboy

    megaboy I got this game for Fathers day VIP

    Well that very well could be the problem........
  7. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    Okay I took care of it.