2b playermodel is blatantly broken

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Hongo, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Hongo

    Hongo VIP+

    when i can fuckin shoot someone who has that on, both of us with fine ping, three times in the head while theyre walking towards me, blood on the wall but not one fuckin single hitmarker ???

    remove that shit. its unfair as fuck
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  2. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    stfufufu it's not broken
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  3. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    Gotta aim for the head smh
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  4. Hongo

    Hongo VIP+

    - says model is not broken, but refuses to take it off because they cant confess they enjoy the protection.
  5. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    It looks good, and you can't force me to do shit :finger:
  6. PiggyBlade ☣

    PiggyBlade ☣ They question the king upon leaving. Banned VIP

    She just makes it... hard. ;)
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  7. The Memelord

    The Memelord Legendary

    Just use aimbot
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  8. Largo4589

    Largo4589 Legendary

    Still better than Terminator's sinkability.
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  9. Saturnity

    Saturnity SGMs Personal Planet VIP

    just dont be bad
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  10. (ØČĐ)™ Atlas ︻デ═一

    (ØČĐ)™ Atlas ︻デ═一 Always Gray ︻デ═一 VIP

    headglitching for the win
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