2020 Election Map Predictions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bogdanoff, Nov 1, 2020.

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    The States decided they didn't want either Biden or Trump, so they all voted Shrek in for president. First time in US History.
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    I just had to login to give you the medal.
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    I used RCP btw.


    Pretty obvious stuff here. I put Arizona as blue and North Carolina as red, but they could ultimately go either way. Same goes for Pennsylvania, but I feel more strangely it will lean blue (at least I hope lol). From there I just gave Biden the midwest as he has a pretty good lead in those states. I gave Texas, Florida, and Georgia to Trump because i'm not too optimistic about democratic campaign efforts there, and I'm unconvinced that they will suddenly shift blue. Then I just gave states based on polling results in those states, even if they were close.

    I can't stress this enough though: Anything is fucking possible. My map is definitely not concrete, and Trump can still win. Though, I'd place odds more in Biden's favor. He is closer to the goal post than Trump is, and anyway you spin it (working with the states that are already seen as solid democrat/republican states), Trump has to win more states than Biden. Anyways, yeah. God bless.

    EDIT: So basically, I still agree with my map above. I was correct in calling Arizona, and I was right in calling Minnesota. I may actually be wrong in calling Georgia though. As far as Michigan, Penn and Wisconsin are concerned? I am still confident lol.
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    Imagine losing Arizona and Georgia as the republican candidate :oops:
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    Well quite honestly it's not surprising how Trump is losing Arizona, especially after he bad-mouthed John McCain after McCain had died.
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    the son of a bitch did it
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    Seriously though imagine losing NV and AZ because of your flagrant actions towards those states. Imagine having actual consequences for your actions finally come into the limelight. Then getting boomed by a 600k lead loss in PA after a shocking upset in FL that seemed like Trump was aiming to win it all.

    It's too good seriously the red mirage like his campaign, full of hope with no results. Nothing more to be said I'll take any responses as copium ggs GL in 4 years because Biden will be a 1 term president too.

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    Not psyched for gas prices to go back to $5 a gallon when Joe ends fracking
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    I'm not good at making memes but pretend I have the right image here:

    Is this some non-oil state problem I'm too Texan to understand?
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    Gotta say, I was expecting such blatant voting fraud.

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